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The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast at Michelle’s Restaurant on February 20, 2014. The Chamber wants to thank Michelle for letting us come to her establishment for our winter meetings, her conference area is welcoming, as well as the good food & coffee. There were 22 members & guests present.

Penrose Chamber of Commerce President Max Engelhardt welcomed all who came & began the introductions. Max gave the rundown of activities at the Penrose school. T-Cap tests will begin March 11th. He asked for businesses to help with snacks & drinks to help get the students through the testing. They also like prizes to offer as an incentive to  encourage the students to try harder to improve their grades & behavior. Mr. Engelhardt also encouraged everyone to attend the music program. This gives the kindergarten class a chance to show their talents & what they’ve learned in music. This program was Feb.20th at 6:30 pm at the school.

Fremont County Commissioner Debbie Bell announced there will be a temporary 120 day maritorium on medical marijuana & licensing. The County is still working on regulations. There is one grow operation going to be allowed at present to move ahead on their permit they already had. That will be the Biker Town operation. There are several waiting to move their business along but this won’t happen until complete approval has been met for the county. As far as recreational marijuana, that will not be allowed. There will be another Fremont County hearing. Debbie will send out e-mails & will run articles in the newspapers

Fremont County Manager, George Sugars, said that retail sales tax was up 20% over last year at the same time. This was a comparison between Dec. 2012 & Dec. 2013. George also reminded those present that taxes within the county boundary is 2.9 % as of Jan.1, 2014. Thank you, George, for reminding us.

Pat & Rose Lindley were also there. They represent E & R Enterprises & Pat sells Amsoil Products. If you want help with your engine, call Pat at 372-6114.

Kay Widger, representing Habitat for Humanity & Restore, thanked the Penrose Chamber for the recognition of being chosen as Business of the Year. Kaye said everyone involved with Habitat for Humanity was greatly pleased with the honor. Kaye also told of the newest home to be built in the Indian Hills area. They will begin the building in March & hope to have it ready by June 2014 for the occupants. Don’t forget the Rainbow of Taste at the Abbey Event Center the 15th of March from 1-4 pm. The cost is $25 per person. Check the announcements on the Chamber website for more details.

Dave Gouvia, owner of Canon Marine, announced the Annual Boat Show in Colorado Springs. Dave had VIP tickets to offer for those wishing to go.

Charlotte Burrous, representing the Daily Record, will be able to report stories about the businesses & pictures from events. Contact Charlotte at 275-7565.

Christine Webb of Canon City Chamber of Commerce said their Chamber is seeking a new Executive Director. She also announced the $10 tours on the tour bus to see the Royal Gorge Bridge begins soon. This will be weekends only.

Sandy & Gary Meyers of Classic Leather Designs were out for breakfast. They brought the Pastor of the Cowboy Church. He decided to join the Chamber. It’s good to have Pastor Randy Pfaff with us. He talked about the projects the youth groups has going & they are working as volunteers to help with community clean-up. This keeps the youth busy, as well as serving the community. Their church has special music on Sunday before the worship service. This begins at 9 am at the Florence High School.






The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for their monthly breakfast at Michelle’s Restaurant on March 20, 2014. There were 22 members & guests present. Thank you from the Chamber to Michelle for letting us meet at your restaurant for our breakfast.

We appreciate all of the things you & your staff do to make us feel welcome.

The PCOC President, Max Engelhardt , made welcome all who attended. Max gave a short rundown of the school activities; and began the introductions around the room. Each business usually contributes to the conversation which is very informational for those attending the breakfast. Many times they bring flyers to pass out or information to be put on the Penrose Chamber website so keep in touch either on the web, come in, or call. Visitors are always welcome at Penrose Chamber of Commerce, located at 210 Broadway, just to the left as you enter the Wells Fargo Bank. For more information, call 372-3994. Our website is

Joe Seiberlich from Estes-Cox Corp. said they are going along well at their factory.

John Wornak of the Colorado Workforce Center in Cañon City told about an opportunity, Mile High Youth Corp., at the Workforce Center on March 26, 2014 for seasonal work for youth ages 18-24 working on trails in the summer season. He said they usually hire between 8-10 people every year. We thank John for coming out to the PCOC breakfast. He tries to keep our group informed about how the job market is going & if there are any job fairs in Fremont County coming up.

Our Cowboy Church representative, Pastor Randy Pfaff, began our breakfast with a prayer. He spoke about the church, which is held at Florence High School starting at 9 am Sunday mornings. This past Sunday they had the man that is Native American & Chief of the Nations as a guest. If you want to check with Pastor Randy about their program, call him at 784-9126.

Christine, representing Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, came out to be with us. She is hoping for the businesses of Fremont County are planning on coming out to the “Tourism Expo” being held on April 12th at the Abbey Event Center. If you have crafts or items to sell that would help with promoting anyone’s interest in the part where tourists would take time out, visit your venue, & perhaps stay a little longer in the Fremont communities. Please consider this as an opportunity to show off your business. This event is free for vendors or people to attend. Christine said they have 410 members now.

Dave & Clar Shipman were present. Clar represents the Concerned Citizen Group from Penrose & the 1st Southern Baptist Church. Dave is running for a position on the Penrose water board.

Max Engelhardt is our President, as well as the Principal of Penrose School. Max has been reporting to the community how the children were doing in the T-Cap tests that have been going on in the RE-2 District. It sounds as though the students are progressing well at Penrose School. Max also thanked Debbie Bell for coming with donations of brand new various games to be used as incentive awards for children as they increased their abilities to study harder to get better grades, sticking to the school rules, & taking their tests seriously .Max thanked all who helped with those incentive prizes within the community. He felt it was a generous outreach.

Anne Sterling, the reporter of the article “Out & About” in the Florence Citizen said she saw an article in the Hemp magazine published about the Penrose community.

Another new member is Tina Hefner. Thank you, Tina, for coming out to the breakfast. She’s a marketer for the Rocky Mountain Horseback group.

Rose & Pat Lindley of E & R Enterprises were there. Pat encouraged all to keep their lubricant needs current. To get Amsoil products, call Pat at 372-6114 or visit the site at

Fremont County Manager, George Sugar, came out for the breakfast. He said Debbie Bell couldn’t make it due to other county business needs but Debbie usually comes. We appreciate the fact that she keeps us informed about County business & activities.

We were glad to meet Wendy Kelly, the ad director of the Daily Record. She came out with Charlotte Burrous. She talked about the tourism brochure coming up soon. The deadline will be the week of March 30th. They will be publishing 15,000 copies of this magazine.

Steve Shannon, representative of the Penrose Community Senior Center, gave a brief talk about the last two Senior activities going on. They had over 90 people come out for their special Valentine’s Dinner & 60 attended the St. Patrick’s dinner. They always have senior lunches 2 times a week, Tuesday & Thursday. They have fun activities throughout the month, as well as a Flea Market once a month. Plan on attending any or all of these nice events. Call ahead to reserve your meal for Tuesday or Thursday at 372-3872. Steve is also on the board for the Penrose Cemetery. He spoke on behalf for the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department since Calvin has been working out of town & hasn’t been able to attend the breakfast.

Executive Director of Penrose Chamber of Commerce, Bill McGuire, again thanked all who came out & spoke about their business. Bill gave several points of interest of events coming up & talked a little about the trip he attended, along with Mark Phillips & Max Engelhardt. Dave from Cañon Marine also attended the meeting in Denver. It was the first Colorado Chamber of Commerce day. They had a rally on the steps of the Capital. There were dozens of Chambers represented there. Penrose Chamber of Commerce was the only one from Fremont County. There were many different speakers there speaking on different subjects, like the welfare of Colorado, fracking for oil & gas exploration, how to get bills passed, etc. It was a very interesting day.

Bill also talked about how the VFW at Penrose is planning & having a street dance & festival on May 17, 2-14. They hope to have vendors & a good crowd to enjoy this activity. It’s another great chance for people of Penrose & the rest of Fremont County to get out & have fun. The Penrose Chamber of Commerce & the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department will have their customer Appreciation Day on June 28th at the Penrose Fire Department from 11 am until 2 pm. Come on out & have an enjoyable day with the Chamber & Fire Department. The Colorado Country Music Association will provide the music.

Until next month,

Ione McGuire



The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast at Michelle’s Restaurant on April 17, 2014. There were 22 members & guests present. Thank you, Michelle, for having our chamber members for breakfast over the winter months. We appreciate being able to have a warm friendly place to meet.

The PCOC President, Max Engelhardt, started off the meeting by speaking about a few things they are doing at the school & then opened the meeting by letting the others introduce themselves & tell a little something about their business they represent.

Steve Shannon represents the Penrose Senior Citizens. He announced they were going to have an all you can eat brunch at the Senior Center on the Saturday before Easter.

Charlotte Burrous, from the daily Record, wished all a Happy Easter. We’re always glad when Charlotte comes out.

John Warnok represented the Colorado Workforce in Cañon City. He talked about the positions that have listed recently for young people. It was called the Mile High Youth Employment. They work as rebuilders & maintainers for the Colorado trails. This job has been offered to youth 18-24 years old. Their food equipment & camp gear is provided. The wages for this job will be $8.00 an hour. John also told about the laws pertaining to marijuana & its use. Employers are allowed to fire people who are using it on the job. Landlords are allowed to evict people who use it from their rentals. Federal government rules that any government grants & loans can be denied to those people using marijuana & also will deny gun ownership to those using it. Thank you, John, for keeping us up to date on current rules & regulations in the workplace & how it affects employers, as well as employees. If you would like to learn more about these regulations or have questions about any others, please contact the Colorado Workforce Center in Cañon City. Their phone number is 275-7408.

Joe Seberlich represents the Estes-Cox Corp. & would like to see more businesses, but remain positive. Joe did say they are looking to hire at least 1 person at their factory. If you’re looking for a job, contact them at 372-6565 ext.221.

Anne Sterling, our representative for the Florence Citizen & reporter of Out & About, writes articles about Penrose. She came to the breakfast & is always interested in local news about Penrose. If you have any event & want it advertized, let Anne know. Call the Florence Citizen to get her the news.

Ron Halderson represents the VFW Post 2788 at Penrose. He said they had contacted the ACE Highschool students to help them repaint & refurbish the poles to put the little American flags on at the Beaver Creek Cemetery at Penrose. Ron seemed pleased with how the work was being done & spoke well of the students involved in this project. Ron also spoke about the upcoming Spring Fling Street Dance coming up on May 17, 2014 from 10 am-Midnight. There will be live music, vendor booths, bouncy castle & other games for kids, & an outside beer tent. Sounds like a lot of fun, one more great event at Penrose.

Marlowe Cassetti, represents the Sons of Italy of Fremont County, announced their Annual Spaghetti dinner held at the Cañon City Elks Lodge on April 27th from 11 am- 6 pm. Cost is $8.00 per person. There will be a Salad, Spaghetti, Bread, Dessert, & Drinks. On May 17th they will have a wine tasting event at the Pueblo Community College Fremont Campus. Also coming up, the Sons of Italy will have their golf tournament at the Sumo Golf Course. To find out more about these special events, call Marlowe Cassetti at 372-7192.

Holly Berry, showing as a representative for Starpoint, came out to tell us about the Starpoint program & how it helps so many in our Fremont County area who are disabled. Holly also gave us flyers for their special breakfast to be held to benefit their clients at Michaels on Main Street. The cost is $10 per person & it’s an all you can eat buffet. It will be June 28, 2014 from 8 am- 10 pm. It’s a great chance to help others while having a good breakfast, you can’t beat that!

Dave Gouveia, of Cañon Marine, said the warmer weather helps to keep them busy. Dave talked somewhat about the State Chamber of Commerce. Dave said they enjoyed going to that. Dave also told about the boat show they attended in Florida.

Charlie Phipps said he can make keys for people if they need them.

Randy Pfaff is the minister of the Cowboy Church & Director of the Prayer for the High School kids at Florence who meet at the flag pole. Randy invited all to come out for Easter Sunrise Service starting at 6:15 am at Florence High School. They are looking to have special music & a person to play the bagpipe after the sunrise service. There will be a potluck breakfast & those wishing to stay, they will have regular church.

Susan Hilderbrand, who recently joined the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, announced that Debbie Bell’s mother was in the hospital & she couldn’t come but would try to make it next month. Debbie is our area representative County Commissioner. Susan spoke about the water issues connected with those wanting to put in marijuana growth. She encouraged all to write letters to County Commissioners & other leaders throughout the district that helps in our area & state.

Tina Hefner is on the Fremont Planning & Zoning of Fremont County & suggested we get the e-mail addresses of all the representatives & state officials who has a word on what can be in our area as far as grow operations retail or medical stores, etc.. We need to make our grievances be known.

Clar & Dave Shipman also represented the Southern Baptist Church of Penrose & the Concerned Citizens & Dave is running for a position on the Penrose Water Board. We’re always glad to have input from the people of Penrose.

Ex. Dir. Bill McGuire talked about the appreciation BBQ coming up on June 28th from 11 am until 2 pm. He also mentioned the tire collection to be held at Holcim on April 26th from 8 am- 12 noon. Bill thanked all who came out.

Next month’s breakfast will be at Indian Springs Campground on May 15th at 7 am.




The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for a most enjoyable breakfast at the Indian Springs Campground for the June 19th breakfast. There were 18 members & guests present. A big thanks goes to Ina Finch & Christine Hulin & all of their family for allowing us to meet in your lovely lodge dining room & for the delicious breakfast. We met there as a chance to see the Indian Springs Camp-ground facility, as well as take a tour to observe the swimming pool & bath area. They all made us feel so at ease & as welcome as the wild flowers, a fun time was had by all.  If you wish to camp there, you will see they have a lot of fun activities to do. (ex. Swimming pool, geology tours, etc.) You can also rent their facilities for events. It’s a lovely place. The scenery is just beautiful & to be out in the openness of their ranch is great. Want to meet the outdoors at it’s best, call 372-3907.

Executive Director Bill McGuire started the introductions. Steve Shannon of the Penrose Senior Center, as well as being a board member of the Chamber & Penrose Fire Dept., represented several groups that day because the usual representatives could not be present. The Seniors will have a Bar-B-Q on July 4th Steve encouraged everyone to come out for that. Steve also announced the Senior Center had lost their funding they have received from UAACOG. They will be on their own now for the meals. They have so much going on but do their best to keep up with their budget plans. Please  keep the Senior Center in mind if you need a facility for an event. Anyone can come to their meals on Tuesday & Thursday. Be sure to call ahead at 372-3872. Steve also serves on the Penrose Cemetery board. They are looking for someone who might have a tractor for sale. They need something to keep the maintenance up around the cemetery.

Steve also serves on the Volunteer Fire Dept. board. They will be showcasing their new garage & building, which is the home for the big new truck they got last year.

Everyone is invited to come to the Community Bar-B-Q sponsored by the Penrose Chamber of Commerce & the Penrose Volunteer Fire Dept. It will be Saturday, June 30, 2014  from 11 am to 2 pm at the Fire Dept. We will have hamburgers & hotdogs, chips, beans, water, & soda. We will have entertainment, as well as our Apple Day Queen & Doc Dison with his steer. We’ll have fun houses for the kids! Come on out for a super great time!

Kaye Widger represents the Habitat for Humanity & the Habitat Restore in Cañon City. She talked about the new house they are finalizing. They will presenting the new owners the certificate of occupancy by the end of June. Jennifer of Habitat for Humanity talked about the White Water Event & Habitat for Humanity will have a booth there advertizing their services.  They will team up with Warner Brothers at an event on August 2nd. The new house is the 10th house they have built to help the needy. They also have workers & volunteers who are looking to do good deeds for those with terminal diseases & others who need helping hands. If you wish to donate, volunteer, or help with Habitat for Humanity, call them at 275-7781. They’re located at 727 So. 8th Street in Cañon City.

Pat & Rose Lindley came out to breakfast. Pat said if you need Amsoil, give him a call at 372-6114. Pat & Rose have E & R Enterprises.

John Warnok with Colorado Workforce Center in Cañon City talked about the Colorado based summer Job Hunt that’s aimed at the Youth Employees of Fremont County & Colorado. It was part of a program which Governor Hickenlooper managed to have grant monies to help that go along. If you need a job or an employee needing help, contact the Colorado Workforce at 275-7408.

Marlowe Casetti, representing the Sons of Italy, talked about their recent golftournament at the Sumo Golf Course & how successful it was. He also let everyone know about the outing at the Skysox Stadium on June 28th. There will be a BBQ dinner & game afterward. The game is $25 & the dinner is $5. It’s always a fun event. To get more information, call Marlowe at 372-7192. Marlowe also advertized the Italian Festival, which will be Sept. 13th. There will be vendors of all kinds, including foods the Sons of Italy received Grants to do their out of town advertizing, as well. It’s held on Macon Street near the Center for the Arts & the Library in Cañon City.

Welcome to Floyd Field who is unemployed but has a lovely campground in Penrose off of Hwy. 50. Please come back!

Dave & Susan Gouvia said the boating season is a busy season & we’re sure glad you’re here for your business. Thanks  for coming! If you have boating needs, call Cañon Marine Inc. at 372-3151.

Ron Halderson of Penrose VFW Post 2788 said they had 31 vendors for their most recent street dance event. They were satisfied with how the event went & hope to do it again next year.

George Sugars represented Fremont County. He regretted that Debbie Bell couldn’t attend. She’s busy with the election & other county business.

Earl Perry of Missions Ready Tree Service was at the breakfast. It is good to see him always, he’s a very busy man. He is one of the Chamber board members. If you need his service, call Earl at 231-2772. He also gave a plug for Jeff’s Best BBQ.

It was good to see Dale Johns at the breakfast. He is cutting back on some of his jobs & has resigned from the Penrose Chamber of Commerce board. However, he will continue to do the treasurer’s report for the Chamber. He retired from his Accounting business, also. We wish him the best! He has been a great asset to the Chamber & the community, as well as his wife, Sherry.

Bill mentioned Coyote’s Coffee Den’s summer entertainment every Saturday until September. For a fun-filled evening on Saturday, drop by Coyote’s Coffee Den & you will hear some excellent entertainment. Bill also announced the Community BBQ on June 28th at the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department sponsored by the Penrose Chamber of Commerce & the Penrose Volunteer Fire Dept. We always have a great time tbere. The Fire Dept. will get the chance to show off their big new truck they got last year, as well as the special garage they had built to store it in. Everyone is welcome to attend. It will run from 11 am until 2 pm. There will hamburgers & hot dogs with all the fixins.

See ya next month!        Ione McGuire








We met at Coyote’s Coffee Den on July 17th. Earl opened the meeting. He said his business has been busy. He announced the Apple Dumpling contest. They will need to turn applications in to Misty.

Anne Sterling is back from her vacation. You can turn information in to her for the Florence Citizen.

The VFW is really staying busy. They have Texas Hold “Em every Tuesday & Thursday. Line dancing classes is Wednesday nights. Friday night is Karaoke with Greg Moody. They have a live band every Saturday night. For more information, call the VFW & ask for Pete Peterson or Lee Daffron. They was excited about being Business of the Month this past month. They will hold a chili cook-off on August 23rd. There will be booths available.

Steve announced the Senior Center would have a Rummage Sale on August 23rd from 7 am until 3. They will also have food.

Calvin announced that Estes- Cox has been busy. It’s great having all of our local businesses busy. The Penrose Volunteer Fire Department has been busy, as well. The Fire Dept. & the Penrose Chamber of Commerce thanks everyone who came to the open house. The kids loved the Bouncy Water Slide.

George Sugar was at the breakfast. He announced that retail sales tax is up & the budget is on track.

Debbie Bell announced the County Commissioners have finalized the rules & regulations on the medical marijuana rules. Open to new with full public hearing. The rules allow them to move licensing fees annually. They must have vent systems to control lighting & the smell. There are 13 facilities in Fremont County now, 2 outdoor grows. They can’t stop the grand-fathered ones but they have to follow new regulations. Starting August 1st licensing fees for a one time fee is $5,000, annual fee-$5,000. If they don’t comply, they lose their license.

Carol McNew, Heritage Committee/History Society, was at the breakfast. She announced there were several entities together for

Fremont Fall Heritage Festival going on from Oct. 9-13, 2014. They are looking for volunteers for the History Museum. Talk to Lisa.

Sandy & Gary Meyer were at the breakfast. They were representing their business, Classic Leather Designs & their church, Cowboy Church at the Crossroads. They are selling yard signs & bumper stickers that says, “Pray For Our Nation.” The yard signs sell for $11. The bumper stickers are $3 each/ 2 for $5/ 5for $10. The church is having a yard sale at 3rd & 115 on August 15/16. On August 11th the Red Roots will be at Pioneer Park from 6-8 pm. They are triplets that sing country gospel music.

Dave & Sue from Cañon Marine were there. They said business was good & their Company supports the local Organizations.

Charlie Phipps said his business has been slow. He needs more money for more equipment.

John Warnock from Colorado Workforce Center announced IHOP will go into the Denny’s location. Also, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo vendor will go into Royal Gorge positions for booth.

Jenny & Kaye Widger from Habitat for Humanity announced they will be at Centennial Park on August 2, 2014 from 8 am- 9 pm in conjunction with Warner Bros. Disney Booths $100 unless non-profit. This is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz & the partnership between Warner Bros. & Habitat for Humanity, the local Habitat for Humanity of Fremont County, Colorado is planning a special event to raise awareness for the need for affordable housing. Their finished house closes & Helping Hands program just started.




The Penrose Chamber of Commerce held breakfasts in both the months of July & August. These were held July 18th & August 15th at the Coyote’s Coffee Den. We certainly want to thank Pete &Rhea Mugasis for having us over at their lovely patio to hold our summer monthly breakfasts. They always make us feel welcome & we appreciate the good time together.

Max Engelhardt, Principal of Penrose Elementary School & President of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, welcomed & thanked everyone for coming out & participating in the breakfast & discussion. Max also began the introductions around the tables on the patio. Most everyone said something about their business or organization & information about upcoming events in both Penrose & the Fremont County are. (Florence & Cañon City) In the July business of the County Commissioners Debbie Bell represented the County Commissioners &  talked about the sales of permits to allow green houses to be built for possibly growing recreational marijuana. While the county, as well as others, have received many questions of legally building these growth operations & even allowing any activity. Debbie explained that it wasn’t illegal to set up greenhouses, as long as they followed codes according to law since Penrose isn’t incorporated. Debbie also said they’re interested in obtaining funds for Fremont County to use for growth for schools, highways, etc.  The taxes from such sources could possibly be substantial , but she also explained the money may not out way the costs to keep them Sheriff’s Dept. & Human Services for the help  for families affected by misuse of any recreational drugs & all of the other problems associated with people breaking the law in various forms to either get those marijuana products or be driving under the influence of their use.

In the August PCOC  breakfast, Debbie came back with a continuation of  the marijuana story & said the County Commissioners has been giving it a lot of thought & there’s a possibility they will bring it to a vote. They need a lot of public input so they’re planning some public meetings for citizens to tell their feelings about the Pros & Cons of having it in Fremont County. If it’s voted out, it will not be allowed to be grown, sold, or started within the County lines. If the citizens go to the meetings, they will be much more educated about the voting process. Keep your eyes & ears open about this. You will hear it on the  radio & see it in the newspapers & TV.

Debbie has announced there will be an issue brought up on the November ballot to raise taxes to improve the Sheriff Dept’s ability to carry out the law & take care of some of their needs. This will be a 1% tax increase & the money will be garnered from sales tax in Fremont County.

Steve & Larvata Carter were at the PCOC breakfast in July & announced there will be a pipeline built that will bring water from wells that have been drilled on a ranch bought from Holcim Inc. & the work will be finished sometime in 2014. The wells have been tested & prove to be good for human consumption. The water will be piped to Brush Hollow & Penrose Purification System & used strictly for residential & insures the citizens of Penrose will have drinking water for years. A big thanks to the dedicated people who have sat on the Penrose water board.

Clar & Dave Shipman & Brenda Van Egman came to the breakfast to hear what is happening about the marijuana grow operations. Both Clar & Dave have been attending all of the meetings concerning this subject because of their love & concern for the safety & welfare of the Penrose community.

Kaye Widger, representing Habitat for Humanity, passed out flyers that gave an idea of what the new house will look like. The orientation meeting was August 3, 2013.

Joe Sieberlich was present at both of the PCOC breakfasts. Joe represents Estes-Cox Corporation. Joe said there are at least 2 jobs to be held at Estes & they hope to employ people from Penrose or Fremont County.  These jobs are available by applying at the Estes Co. or e-mail for information.

John Warnok of the Colorado Workforce Center said there is still time to apply at the Workforce if you know someone who was laid off due to the Royal Gorge fire. Money will be coming in from the Federal Disaster Fire Insurance.

We were glad to meet David Reynolds, President of FEDC, & thank him for coming & sharing information about what FEDC does & how they can help encourage & help businesses to set down roots in Fremont County. They are hoping to bring in more tourists when the Royal Gorge Park gets rebuilt. FEDC is also talking to bicycle companies about bringing their factories to the area.

Last month we had Dave Gouvia from Cañon Marine Inc. at the breakfast. He said their business was doing great here in Penrose. They have found Penrose to be a good central location for their type of business.

Doug Shane, Executive Director for Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, was present.

Marlowe Casetti reminded all to come out  to the Sons of Italy, Italian Festival, which will begin at 9 am on Sept. 14th.

Steve Shannon, President of the Penrose Senior Club, talked about the Senior Flea Market & Breakfast at the senior building on Saturday, Aug. 24th from 7 am until 10 am for $5 a person & invited everyone to attend their lunches on Tuesdays & Thursdays for $3.

Bill talked about the Apple Dumplings contest. They picked Dinari Smith for King & Emma Weber for Queen. The Honored Guests & Senior King & Queen have been chosen but not announced yet. He also told about all of the activities going on in Fremont County. He talked about  the Business of the Month. Our August Business of the Month is the Penrose Volunteer Fire Dept.

The Cañon Rose  will begin their new season on Sept. 14th. Our feature act is Cowtown from Ft. Collins. They are an excellent band. The doors open at 6 pm, show begins at 7 pm. The shows are at the Four Mile Community building, right next to Sonny’s Ace Home Center in Cañon City.  Kristi Hoopes is the opening act for the evening. We will only have one opening act so Cowtown can bring a longer concert. Come on out for a fun– filled night.

Don’t forget the flea market on Sept. 14th from 7 am until 4 pm at the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant parking lot.

Remember the Pioneer Parade in Florence on Sept. 21st. It will be a 3 day event, Sept. 20-22.








The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for the September 18, 2014 breakfast at the Coyote’s Coffee Den. It sure was a nice day for the middle of September. A big THANK YOU to Pete & Rhea Mugasis for allowing us to meet on their patio, all who came out enjoyed the morning. There were 22 members & guests present.

Bill McGuire, Executive Director of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, welcomed all who came out & began the round table introductions.

Johanna Bright, representing Twin Enviro Company & as ambassador to the Florence Chamber of Commerce, was there. She said Twin Enviro is now serving about 1/3 of Fremont County for trash hauling services & they offer many other services related to their business. They have the landfill out by highway 67 going north off of highway 50. They will take many types of items. They work with the recycle items & provide bins for those for an added fee. They also rent porta potties & other related items for special occasions & construction sites. If you would like to know more about their products & services, call 372-6671.

Marlowe Casetti of the Sons of Italy Lodge # 2866 said the Italian Festival was a huge success. They had a lot of vendors, many activities, & the count was 2,850. It pleased the young & old alike. They are planning this to be a yearly event. They will hold their October spaghetti dinner on October 19th at the Elks Lodge in Florence from 11 am until 6 pm.

Chris Weber, office manager of the Canon City Chamber of Commerce, brought flyers to Penrose to advertize the Royal Gorge opening. Adult tickets will be $16 & children tickets will be $11. She also brought information about the sky coaster. Those prices begin at $25. She announced they are setting up plans for when they will announce the new Canon City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

Our guest was Dan Rupinsky. He is a computer specialist from Florence. He came out to represent his company & to say a word about what he does. Bill & Ione invited him to join the chamber. His company is located on 2nd Street in Florence.

The director of the Habitat for Humanity talked about Kaye Widger, who was on the board & how it has affected them. They are trying to get things back together to move on to helping those in need. They accept donations all of the time to help Restore keep a greater supply of items. Colleen Barton also came to the breakfast. She works at the Restore. For information about Habitat for Humanity or Restore, call 275-1787.

Pat & Rose Lindley came out as representatives of E & R Enterprises. Pat also sells Amsoil & has 2 places that sell his products. For information about Amsoil, call Pat at 372-6114.

George Sugar, Fremont County Manager, said Debbie Bell wasn’t able to come & was very sorry she couldn’t make it. He also announced the new board was in place for the Penrose Park & Recreation District.

We had 3 candidates present at the breakfast. Skip Mareau is running for Fremont County Sheriff. Both Fred Warner & Katie McCallister are write -ins for Fremont County Commissioner. They are running against Debbie Bell.

Calvin Sunderman spoke about the Volunteer Fireman breakfast at the Penrose Fire Department on Apple Day beginning at 6 am. It’s an all you can eat breakfast for $8.

John Warnok talked about how so many people were affected by the wild fires at the Royal Gorge last year. It sounds like Fremont County is beginning to improve after those fires destroyed so much. For information on workshops the Workforce has, just call John at 719-275-7408.

Joe Sieberlich of Estes-Cox Corp. was at the breakfast. He said 2 people had just retired from there. They have hired 4 new people lately. It’s great to have Joe at the breakfast, it’s always good to hear about exciting news that’s going on at Estes-Cox.

Executive Director Bill McGuire talked about getting the Apple Day Queen & her court & being supported for this year at the Pioneer  Parade & Apple Day Parade. Come out & help line the streets on Friday, October 3rd beginning at 3 pm. We can use help Apple Day in the early morning to get our tent set up, pies unloaded, etc. Bill also talked about how nice it was to honor the Senior King & Queen (Steve & Glenda Shannon) at the Senior Center. The Senior King & Queen received a bouquet of flowers & a lovely clock. A special thank you to the Senior Center participants for the preparation of the party & extending the celebration to our little Apple Dumpling Royalty. The cakes were beautiful & the evening was great.


The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met at the Senior & Community Center in Penrose on Oct. 16, 2014. There were over 30 present. We were all welcomed with a breakfast of biscuits & gravy, along with roasted new potatoes garnished with red bell peppers & hot coffee. Breakfast will average around $5. This is a special opportunity to include the Senior Club as one of the places in Penrose who can use the help of the community & get out the word that they have room for any reservations to use their building. It’s a good place to have wedding receptions, birthday parties, or any organizational type meetings. To make reservations or to find out about any of their activities they have to raise funds, please call 719-372-3872. Thank you to the Penrose Seniors for having the Chamber of Commerce over to have our monthly breakfast. Also, thanks to all of you for the help you provide in the Penrose community.

Bill McGuire called the breakfast meeting to order & started the introductions around the tables.

Anne Sterling, reporter for the Florence Citizen & writer for the article Out & About, announced the Penrose VFW will be having a pumpkin carving contest from 1-4 pm on October 25th. She also announced that beginning on November 14th there will be a Thanksgiving food drive at the Penrose School for the food baskets. Take non-perishable foods to the school during school hours. If you have kids in school, you can put them in their backpacks to carry on the buses. Anne also congratulated the Park & Recreation for the efforts the interim board have been making to get the Penrose Park business in an orderly manner.

Joe Sieberlich of Estes-Cox Corp. thanked the Penrose Chamber for recognizing their business as business of the month. Joe also talked about the educational programs that can be coordinated along with the schools to teach the children about the model rocketry & other items, such as their remote control helicopters which they make at the Penrose factory. They also have catalogues to help those in need of supplies to finish projects. To find out more about these products, call Estes-Cox Corp. at 719-372-6114.

Steve Shannon, Director of the Penrose Senior/Community Center, welcomed all who came out to the breakfast. He also reminded us of the Tuesday & Thursday lunches that are served. The cost is $3. Call ahead if you plan on attending so they can have enough food to serve. Again, the phone number is 719-372-3872. He said they had a very successful Flea market & Apple Day was also good for them. Steve reported the Fireman cleaned & mowed at the Penrose Cemetery of which Steve is Treasurer of. Thanks, Steve, for all you do.

It was good to see all of those involved in the Senior/Community Center there. They are all welcome to our monthly breakfast. Eloise Stacey, Floyd Hastings, & the Dials (Sharon & Larry) & others were present.

Roberta Newton, who is currently sitting on the Interim Board at the Park, was there & she told as soon as they have the proper business put into place, they will be asking for volunteers to come & clean & refurbish the Park. They hope to have a beautiful park once more in place.

Tina Hefner of the Rocky Mountain Back Horseman said all those interested in bringing their horses if they wish or come to see their Horsey Halloween Contest at 11 am on Oct. 25th located at 11th & J Street of Penrose, followed by a potluck lunch. To find out more about the Poker Run Ride, call the Rocky Mountain Back Horseman.

Debbie Bell, County Commissioner of Fremont County, came out & talked somewhat about any specialize licensing of medical marijuana & said the deadline was the end of October of 2014. Debbie also said Apple Day was a great day & the County Commissioners are always happy to judge the apple pie contest. She talked about the candidates running for County Commissioner for District 2 of Fremont County. KRLN interviewed all of them & asked their feelings on certain issues. There was also a question & answer period, where they talked to the public over the phone. She had a person saying the County Commissioners don’t ever help in the Penrose area. She is always willing to help the Penrose area any way she can.

Richard Hilderbrand, who has worked with the Penrose Water Dept. to get a pipeline from the Arkansas River up to Brush Hollow & store water for future use, talked about several of the plans to have drilled wells & have state approved pumping stations into place. They are beginning to place the piping out & have a contractor out of Pueblo getting ready to start the ditch work. There are plans to have additional storage.

Clar & Dave Shipman came out. Clar represents the 1st Southern Baptist Church on North Broadway. She gave the times & days their church is open.

Dave Gouveia of Cañon Marine said they had a good boating season. Now they will slow down for that business & work more on the winter projects. Dave also mentioned their little 6 month grandson. Congrats to Dave & Sue for their little grandson.

Calvin Sunderman, Penrose Volunteer Fire Dept., said they are working on some construction projects refreshing the building with new stucco & fixing the concrete apron going into the building. Calvin talked about their job as Fireman & Women to be concerned with any permits issued to any business until inspections & safety issues are dealt with. One business they are definitely concerned with will be the cannabis extraction hoping to be in the Apple Shed building soon. Calvin said they are watching closely to be sure that all is in place before they can be approved. Debbie Bell jumped in on Calvin’s concerns. She said there would definitely be a hearing at the Fremont County Level in their building & she encouraged all to either come & speak up or send e-mails or make a phone call. Any communications will be accepted at the Fremont County building & the hearing for any of these concerns will be announced by the media & public meetings.

Pat & Rose Lindley of E & R Enterprises were there for breakfast. Pat always advertizes & recommends the Amsoil products he sells. He has his products consigned at the Bear’s Den Automotive  & the Penrose Tire Shop, as well as another garage in Cañon City. You can call Pat for information about his lubricants & other related products E & R Enterprises offers at 719-372-6114.

John Warnok said the Colorado Workforce at Cañon City will be working on training people to upgrade their positions to hopefully be able to get into higher paying jobs & they are always there to help those just coming out of high school. They can help with proper resumes, etc. If you have any questions about various matters of employers, call the Colorado Workforce at 719-274-7408.



The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast on Nov. 20, 2014 at the Penrose Community/Senior building & were warmly greeted by all of the seniors, who came to prepare & set up for their breakfast. We all thank the Senior Citizens for letting us meet at their building & enjoy a hardy breakfast of both blueberry & regular pancakes, sausage, & eggs, along with coffee & juice. There were close to 25 members & guests present.

Several of the VFW of Penrose came out, including Ron Halderson, who gave a report of what they have been doing around Penrose. They helped collect the food to be used in the Thanksgiving boxes & took them to the school to be distributed to needy families. Those went to over 300 people. Donations of potatoes & money came from Hawkeye Tax & Accounting Service, Michelle’s Restaurant, Lisa Pinello, & Neighborhood Market. Ron & another man talked about the homeless Veteran effort to help these men & women who need so much care, especially now that the winter season has been coming into the area. Those helping are vets & other people who are Auxiliary of the VFW. They stayed in the cold days & nights for 5 days prior & through Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11th to show the conditions many homeless people stay in. They all camped in cardboard boxes & cooked on little camp stoves. This was to draw attention & inspire others to reach out a helping hand. Their efforts paid off because they collected donations of money, non-perishable food, & clothing. The citizens of Fremont County showed a generous attitude to come out & share.

Richard & Susan Hilderbrand were present. Richard talked about the new pipeline that’s being brought into Penrose from near the Arkansas River & to the pump station that helps get the water to where it needs to be delivered. This pipeline is being placed underneath Hwy. 50 & will come across Hwy. 115 & will move to 3rd & north on C Street. The engineers that have planned the route for the water to go to Brush Hollow Reservoir feel this is the best & most cost effective way to put in this pipeline & will cause less problems to get the pipeline there also. The people traveling most on C Street will have to go alternative routes or expect to have delays, but as quickly as the pipeline is going in, it shouldn’t take long to have this important task done & Penrose people will have water for in the future if there are anymore droughts or shortages.

The Penrose Chamber wants to welcome Lisa Hymes as a guest to our monthly breakfast. She has recently been chosen to serve as the Executive Director for the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce. Thanks for coming out, Lisa, & feel welcome to come anytime. Lisa talked about the Cañon City Parade of Lights to be held on Main Street on Dec. 6th. The floats will be judged after 3 pm. Refreshments will be served, also.

There will be a scholarship dinner held at Elks Lodge on Dec. 26th at 6 pm. This dinner is open for non-profits. For more information, call 275-2331.

Joe Sieberlich of Estes-Cox Corp. said they are gearing up for the Holidays. The Estes rockets & the cool remote control helicopters always go over with both young & old. They make great gifts. Joe also said Estes-Cox is hiring.

Clar & Dave Shipman were there & Clar gave their church times for their worship services.

Anne Sterling writes the article “Out & About” about Penrose for the Florence Citizen. She recognized a young man who always helps in the Penrose Community as an especially good citizen. His name is Isaac Kennemer. He’s 10 years old & a 5th grader at Penrose School. Isaac is a cub scout & he volunteers for many organizations. His father is an active member of VFW 2788 & District 2 Wounded Warriors. He recently helped with the VFW Effort over the Veteran’s Day holiday in collecting clothing & money. He also stayed out with the other volunteers for that benefit for all 6 days & got up in time & came back to Penrose School to attend classes. What a Great story about a young man! Thank you, Isaac, for all you do!

George Sugar, County Manager for Fremont County says the percentage of sales tax that’s been coming in has been increasing this last year over the amount in the past year.

County Commissioner Debbie Bell talked about the new dispatch center. They are getting ready to sign contracts to begin the new centralized emergency help. She talked about the Hwy. 50 project that C-Dot is busy working on. She said the project will be finished somewhere in the end of 2015. She also had questions of safety etc. about the round-about & how the highway entrance to Dozier Ave. will work & she attended the C-Dot meeting at City Building of Cañon City, where she could see the video & maps of the project of how it will work & how it will affect various businesses on East Dozier Lane & behind K-Bobs Restaurant.

Roberta & Tom Newton came to the breakfast. Roberta gave a brief report about how the Penrose Park is beginning to seem more community accessible once again. Anyone is welcome to attend the Park meeting Dec. 13th from 10 am-3 pm. People are encouraged to volunteer & share ideas. Come with a wish list if you like. (what you want to see at Penrose Park)

Calvin Sunderman,  representing the Penrose Volunteer Fire Dept., spoke about the services provided by them. The current ambulance service is Memorial Star. The Fire Dept. has provided the new ambulance with full equipment. They can pick up & go to any patient in the Penrose area & are able to reach out as far as Swallows Rd. in Pueblo County. Calvin said he will give a talk about any new changes of services within the Fire Dept. in the future. He also invited all to come out to Apple Country Memories held at 5:30 at Coyote’s Coffee Den Friday, December 5th. Santa will be there, there will be live nativity, buggy rides, hot apple cider, & Christmas songs by CCMA singers. Come out for a fun-filled night.

Steve Shannon (representing Penrose Chamber, Penrose Fire Dept., Cemetery board, & Senior Citizens) was there & talked about the Community Senior Citizens Club. They will have Santa come there for pictures, as well as other fun things to see. He also talked about a new thrift shop being run by some of the volunteers. This is located at the back room of the Senior Center. It will be offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays between 10 am & 2 pm. They have a variety of household items & collectibles, clothing, books, etc. Come & see, they may have just the right item at a bargain price. Proceeds will go to the Penrose Senior Center. Don’t forget to come out for lunch on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

We want to welcome Michelle Lesser as the incoming principal of Penrose School. She invited people to come to Grandparents Day luncheon at the school & talked about how good the food drive went at the school. Mrs. Lesser is a native of Colorado & has lived & worked for the school district in Salida becoming to Penrose.

Thank you goes to Nicole, who came out representing Cañon National Bank at Florence. Nicole is their branch manager.

Executive Director Bill McGuire added to what Calvin said about Apple Country Memories. Bill also talked about the Budds bringing their horses, Biscuit & Gravy, to pull the buggy. Bill invited all present to come out & enjoy the festivities.


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