Penrose Chamber of Commerce

The Gateway to Fremont County

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce held their monthly breakfast on January 17,2013 at Michelle’s Restaurant. We enjoyed the exchange of announcements along with the hot coffee. Once again, thank you, Michelle, for letting us meet at your restaurant for our monthly breakfast. There were 18 members & guests present.
PCOC President Max Engelhardt opened the meeting, spoke briefly, & had the members introduce themselves & talk somewhat about their business or organization.
Ex-Official Pat Lindley & Rose were there. Pat talked about the new Tire & Landscaping Shop that recently moved here. Pat said they are promoting his Amsoil Products by having it on display so that’s good. Rose said she is still able to volunteer at the chamber office.
Anne Sterling was at our breakfast. She has within the last two or three months been hired by the Florence Citizen & is the local reporter for the Penrose area. If you have regular articles of interest & would like to turn them in, let Anne know by calling her or come by & get a form to let her know so she can get the news early enough to turn in the forms. You can find the forms on the table inside the entry at Wells Fargo Bank & Anne’s number is 719-372-6417 or e-mail her at
Kay Wider represents the Habitat for Humanity & the Habitat Restore, which is located across the street from Johnny’s Plumbing & Hydronics on South 8th Street in Cañon City. The Habitat for Humanity will be having as a fundraiser “Rainbow of Magical Tastes ”on March 16th at the Abbey Holy Cross Events Center 1-4 pm. Activity will also include a silent auction. Proceeds will be going to the building fund for the new Habitat for Humanity house to be built on Vermont Street in Cañon City. Kay says Habitat invites volunteers to help in the Store or out on the projects & are always accepting donations of building supplies & household items. If you can help with time or money or need a donation picked up, please call 719-275-7781.
John Warnok of the Colorado Workforce Center of Cañon City & Fremont County said the Workforce Center is currently recruiting businesses to take part in the Annual Job Fair they have. If you’re a business & wish to hire for jobs opening up in the spring & summer or have your business known, now is a good time to contact the Colorado Workforce Center at Cañon City at 719-275-7408.
Marlowe Cassetti, representing the Sons of Italy, announced their organization will be going to Cripple Creek on February 16th. The Cripple Creek trip will be $5 per person. Marlowe also talked about the trip to the Sky Sox game on June 29th. This will be a tailgate style dinner. Parking, dinner, & price of game will be $25 per person. You will need to be there before 5:30 pm, that’s when dinner is served. The Sons of Italy will have their Annual Spaghetti dinner at the Elks Club in Florence on April 21st. They will also have their Spring Golf Tournament again this year. The proceeds go for scholarships. For information about all of the fundraisers & activities, call Marlowe at 719-372-7192.
Brandon Hyatt, representing the Cañon City Shopper, came out. He showed us his cell phone pictures of his new little son, who is 3 months old now. Congratulations to Brandon, his wife, & family for your newest family member. Brandon said to contact him for ad specials or events you plan on having at 275-9131. He also said the Home Show would be held at the Holy Cross Abbey on March 1, 2, & 3rd. They’re hoping the weather & people turn out great.
Charlotte Burrous from the Daily Record also came out for the breakfast. She brought a guest along with her, Katherine Schlesinger. Charlotte brought information sheets that tell what kind of ads & articles to put in the paper, when the deadlines are, & what can be free for our area. If you want to have ads in the paper, contact Charlotte at 719-275-7565. You can also call the advertising agent, Katherine Schlesinger, at 719-276-7607.
Doug Shane, Executive Director of the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, came out. He said their Annual Banquet was successful & they were honored with Governor Hickenlooper, who gave a good speech of about 30 minutes. He gave the name of his wife’s business. It’s Twisted Wiskers Barkery DIY Dog Wash. The DIY stands for Do It Yourself. Teri was the former operator of Big Dogs Grooming, now she’s back. If you take your dog, she will be there to help with detail, nail clipping, etc. Teri also sells homemade dog biscuits & dog food.
Steve Shannon, Volunteer at the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department came out. Steve is also President & representative of the Senior Center at Penrose. Steve invited all to attend their fundraiser, which was a brunch held on January 19, 2013 at the Senior Center in Penrose from 10 am until 1 pm for $7 per person. Steve came out of retirement to help out at the Fire Department & has been in training for the Colorado State requirements for EMT for several months. He is an interim trainer at present.
Janet Vansyoc came with her son, Ron. Ron said he is getting a new contract for his storage unit & hopes to have the community come to their place for social support benefit, which will be a BBQ when the weather warms up.
Executive Director Bill McGuire gave the date & time of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce Banquet, which will be Feb. 11, 2013. Tickets will be $30 per person.
President Max Engelhardt also represents the Penrose School, said they will be having TCAP tests in March & they will be asking businesses to help with the snacks the kids eat before the tests. These snacks help the kids to think & do better at the time of their tests. It’s like a jumpstart for the day. Mr. Engelhardt also wanted everyone to know the teachers & staff are zeroing on the children to get their knowledge going so that Penrose School can come out of their slump of test scores. With the extra work all are doing, Penrose School should succeed and all will benefit from this effort.

Breakfast Notes PCOC

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast on February 21, 2013 at Michelle’s Restaurant. There were 14 members & guests present. Thank you, Michelle,
for letting us meet & enjoy your good service once again.

Pat & Rose Lindley of E & R Enterprises were there. Pat, our past President, filled in for Max Engelhardt by thanking everyone that came out & beginning the introductions of those present. All said something about their business or non-profit activities. It was a productive meeting.

We were able to meet & welcome Mark Phillips to the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. Mark will be serving on the Chamber board as Vice-President & representing Holcim (US) Inc. where he works.

Ron Vansyoc, representing VIP Storage, was there. His mother, Janet, was also there & she told about several of the activities that the Seniors are doing at the Penrose Senior Center.

Anne Sterling is the Penrose area reporter for the Florence Citizen newspaper. Contact Anne to give articles of interest or upcoming events. Anne is still going on about the miniature bulls that are owned by Roland Smith. She went out to their property & visited those bulls that are professional bulls. Contestants ride in the rodeo competition. Anne did a very detailed article that was in the Florence Citizen.

Fremont County Manager George Sugar came out & represented Fremont County. Thank you, George, for attending our monthly breakfast.

Kay Widger, representing Habitat for Humanity & the Habitat for Humanity Restore, came out & invited everyone to attend their fundraiser ”A Rainbow of Magical Taste” held March 16th from 1 pm until 4 pm at the Abbey Event Center. They will have a salad bar luncheon, along with wine tasting furnished by the Abbey Winery, as well as decadent dessert samples made by local merchants. There will be a cash bar, door prizes, silent auction, local artist displays, & entertainment will be Encore, Florence High School Jazz Band. Debbie Bell will MC. Tickets are $25 per person. Tickets are available at City Market, Daily Record, Sun Credit Union, Habitat for Humanity office, Aspen Bakery in Florence, & Gooseberry Patch Restaurant in Penrose.

Charles Phipps of Rainbow Trail is a locksmith. He said he had some business this month, which is good. If you need locksmith service, give him a call at 719-289-0457.

Executive Director Doug Shane, of the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, attended the P.C.O.C. breakfast & told about several things that involve Fremont County & Cañon City. The FEDC will have their Banquet on Friday, Feb. 22nd at the Abbey Event Center. Doug wanted all to know about & encouraged those who could volunteer to come out & welcome the 2500 Ride the Rockies bicycle participants. They will be coming & staying
overnight in Cañon City on June 14th & 15th. One week later, there will be the Tour Colorado activity, which will be in Cañon City on June 22nd & again on June 29th. Cañon City now has 420 membership in their Chamber of Commerce. Doug said the visitor guides will be here soon. The Chamber of Commerce of Cañon City will be helping with the flower planters at the new work being done on 6th & Main, as soon as they are ready.
If you’re interested in helping with the Ride the Rockies event, please call 719-275-2331.

Charlotte Burrous, of Cañon City Daily Record, came out with an associate, Catherine Schlesinger. They encouraged the Penrose Chamber of Commerce to send out articles & photos of our activities in the event they aren’t able to come out. That way we can be sure to get publicity for our events.

Executive Director Bill McGuire thanked everyone for coming out & gave a quick close for the breakfast. He did tell everyone the Chamber will be having their Annual Retreat on March 2, 2013. This will be a yearly board member planning session.
Penrose Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Notes- March 21, 2013

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for their monthly breakfast on March 21st at Michelle’s Restaurant. There were 15 members & guests present.
Pat & Rose Lindley of E & R Enterprises were present & Pat talked about the Amsoil products he sells. If you need lubricants for your machinery or an oil change, consider buying from Pat. The additive used in your tank will give you more miles with your gas. Pat carries other Amsoil Products, as well. For more information, call Pat at 372-6114.
Max & Bill opened the breakfast meeting by welcoming all that came out even though it was very cold.
We want to welcome Jerri Daniels to the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. Jerri has a new business here in Penrose, just recently moved here from Nebraska. She is working in the office on Mondays now & is a new board member & also our new Apple Day Coordinator. Her new business is JBTA Associates.
Max Engelhardt, Penrose Chamber of Commerce President & Principal of Penrose Elementary School, said the tests for the students were over & he thanked everyone who donated time & snacks for the students. The snacks seem to charge up the children’s brains & helps their skills while they’re testing.
Joe Seiberlich represented Estes-Cox Inc. & was very excited about them receiving the Business of the Year Award. “ It was good to be recognized by the Penrose Chamber of Commerce & the community “Mr. Seiberlich said.
Dave Gouveia of Cañon Marine Inc. came over for breakfast & exchange of conversation. Dave said that he & all of his table enjoyed the Penrose Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet held at the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant in February. It’s good to have the membership come out for the activities that our chamber does. Thank you, Dave, for letting us know & for coming out to our breakfast. By the way, if you need any equipment for your boat or need any kind of service for your boat, be sure to call Cañon Marine,Inc. at 372-3151.
Steve Shannon of the Penrose Senior Center announced they will be having a Open House on April 12th from 3-7 pm.
Calvin Sunderman, of the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, talked about a seminar they recently attended concerning Fireworks. Calvin also told about one of the fire trucks that was given to the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department from the Florence Fire District. Calvin also brought their brand new ambulance to the breakfast for everyone to see. Thank you, Calvin, for this effort. It’s good to know what our Fire Dept. is doing & how our district is improving.
Marlowe Casetti, representing the Sons of Italy, came out & gave a run-down on several of their activities they do & help out in the Fremont County area & also with their organization. Their spaghetti dinner will be held on Sunday, April 11th. Be watching for advertisements on this as well as other activities they will be doing. They will be taking a trip to the Sky Sox tailgate & ballgame on June 29th. The trip is $25 per adult & $16 per child. For more information, call Marlowe Casetti at 372-7192 or Bill Scutti at 269-3519.
County Commissioner Debbie Bell came for our breakfast. She announced there is a new Public Clinic at Florence. This clinic will be open Thursday, Friday, & Saturday all day. Debbie announced FEDC will hold a Summit to be held on Saturday, April 20th at the Abbey Event Center from 8 am until 2:30 pm. Debbie also talked about the Fremont County trash vouchers. Call the county to find out where you can pick them up. There is only one allowed per family.
We want to thank Doug Shane for coming out to the breakfast. He’s the Executive Director of the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce. He always gives us a run-down on the activities in Cañon City. If you want to keep up with all of the activities in Fremont County, go to any of the Chamber websites. Everything is kept up to date on the websites.

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce held their monthly breakfast on April 18, 2013 at Michelle’s Restaurant. We enjoyed the exchange of announcements along with the hot coffee. Once again, thank you, Michelle, for letting us meet at your restaurant for our monthly breakfast. There were 16 members & guests present. We enjoyed our service & food.
Executive Director Bill McGuire welcomed everyone who came, then turned the Introduction part over to our PCOC President Max Engelhardt. Max is also the Principal of Penrose Elementary School. Max said a few words about the tourist bus that came to Fremont County on Wednesday, April 17th. This was a group sent out by the Tour Guide Committee from Denver to represent Colorado & visit the various smaller communities within the state. That included the small towns in Fremont County. There were 13 people on the bus & they stayed over a couple of days & on their way, they stopped in at the Penrose Chamber of Commerce office located at the Wells Fargo Bank building at 210 Broadway. Bill & Max greeted the group & had some written notes to give them about many of our small businesses within the area of Penrose, along with maps, the Penrose Chamber of Commerce brochure, & some other flyers that portray the business & heritage of the area. Max also talked about any effort the school would like to put forth, that every child might be able to have their own computer tablet (as students at Penrose School) to follow their school work & do their homework on whenever applicable. To do this will take awhile since they will have to make this money to pay for these laptops by grants, bake sales, & other fund-raising events & donations from members of the community. Keep your eyes open for upcoming events that will aid in the school supplying those tablets for Penrose students! Max also thanked people who helped with snacks & time spent volunteering with the students during their T-Cap tests. This is a beneficial time to help the students & the main way to see how children are growing in their knowledge from their current education.
Anne Sterling was at our breakfast. She reports for the Penrose area to the Florence Citizen. She announced she would be moving away as soon as her house sells. She will be missed, both as a community member & for all of the service she has helped with. She served as President of the Penrose Senior Center, served at the Penrose Community Library, & her church. Ann has kept busy in the community & we wish her well.
Joe Seiberlich of Estes-Cox Inc. offered any advice business-wise if the Penrose School would like to contact him. He has some ideas that perhaps could help out with some of their plans. Joe also thanked the County Commissioners for their effort in Planning & Zoning for Estes-Cox Inc.
Doug Shane talked about the Tour Guides coming from the Denver area on the bus to Fremont County. While they were in Cañon City, they were part of a free tour operation at the Abbey, which took place at the Abbey Event Center in Cañon City. It was held from 2 until 7 on Saturday & was called the Tour Expo in the Abbey gym.
FEDC will hold a Summit on Saturday, April 20th from 8am until 2:30 pm in the main meeting room. FEDC is trying to get involved in helping small businesses. Food will be provided for those attending & helping with ideas & growth at this summit.
Doug Shane, Executive Director of the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, talked about Broadband coming to Fremont County so be on the look-out to see what opportunities that will provide.
Kaye Widger, representing Habitat for Humanity, gave out flyers to everyone & explained about the Orientation meeting for partners for Habitat for Humanity to be held April 20th at 10 am at the Sunflower Bank in Cañon City. They will be starting to build another house in the fall of 2013 on Vermont Street in Cañon City. Kaye gave a report about the “Magical Rainbow of Tastes”. She said it was a very successful event. The Habitat for Humanity is planning on making this an annual event. Alco recently gave a very generous donation of building supplies & tools to Habitat for Humanity. If you haven’t shopped at Alco lately, check them out. They may have just the right part for you for a plumbing need, etc. To donate to Habitat for Humanity, call them at 275-7781.
Rose & Pat Lindley have E & R Enterprises. Pat sells Amsoil products. Rose represents the Orchard of Hope & is the chairperson for the Penrose team. If you’re interested in helping them or want to walk for the Orchard of Hope, contact Rose at 372-6114.
Charles Phipps has the Rainbow Trail Locksmith business. He says he is currently learning how to get his business running so he can make it grow. If you’re locked out of your car, give Charles a call at 289-0457.
County Commissioner Debbie Bell came out to our breakfast. Debbie said she was honored at the Senior Center of Penrose’s open house. Debbie talked about how the Commissioners are working on trying to see if our county can come up with incentives to encourage businesses to come to Fremont County. Some of the ways might be to lower the taxes, help with business mentoring. There are many ways if the County budget allows for it. Debbie announced the Florence Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet will be at the Elks Club in Florence on May 11th. The cost is $40 per person.
Mark Crespin, branch manager for Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust, said they are working at making their bank more of a retail bank. It has been strong in investments, but they feel they can reach out into the community better with the economy growing.
Steve Shannon represented both the Penrose Senior Center & the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department at the breakfast. Steve had to leave but returned, due to an accident. Our Volunteers for the Fire Dept. are very dedicated. Steve has had training for EMT & I’m sure has done & seen many emergency calls over the years. Steve announced the Senior Center will have its Spaghetti Dinner Saturday, April 27th from 5 until 8 pm. The meal is $6 each. If you want a carry-out, it will cost a little more.
Executive Director Bill McGuire gave a rundown of items he had to tell about, related to community & the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. He also announced the Tire Drive Holcim will have at their plant on Saturday, April 27th from 8 am until noon. You must be a resident of Fremont County & your vehicle must have a Fremont County license on it. The tires have to be regular car size, not over-sized.
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce held their monthly breakfast on May 16,2013 at Michelle’s Restaurant. There were 20 members & guests present.
Executive Director Bill McGuire made all who were present welcome & started the round the table introductions, discussions, announcements, etc.
We want to welcome Mandy Reed of the Cañon National Bank to our breakfast. She has recently been hired as the branch manager of the Florence facility of Cañon National Bank.
Pat & Rose Lindley, representing their business E & R Enterprises, invited people to come out or donate to the Orchard of Hope Walk to benefit people who have had cancer with their needs, as they are traveling & receiving treatments for various types of cancer. This is a Fremont County based organization that assists those in our own area with their cancer related costs of living. Please help if you can. This walk will be on June 8th beginning at 8 am at Veterans Park in Cañon City.
Doug Shane, Executive Director of Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, announced the old car event that brings in so many to Cañon City (the first antique car show) will be on Main Street in Cañon City at 5:30 pm Friday, May 17, 2013. This is a fun show. When you get there you will see cars parked on both sides of the street in the older section of Main Street. While you’re enjoying this wonderful trip through “car candy” you’ll be treated to that favorite rock ‘n roll music that was so popular when many of the “muscle cars” came out during the 1950’s. Of course, you are welcome to visit the many eateries & other shops open while you enjoy your evening trip into the past.
Marlowe Cassetti gave a report of what the Sons of Italy are planning for the summer. He reminded us of the Sky Sox baseball game & tailgate get together at the Sky Sox field in Colorado Springs. This will be a BBQ at Sky Sox field beginning at 5:05 pm on July 29th. The actual time for the ballgame is 6:05 pm with the Sky Sox vs. Tucson Padres. If you attend, the cost is $25 but that includes choices from their full menu & unlimited soft drinks, $16 for children 3-12, kids under 2 are free. If you’re interested give Rick Romano a call & set up your reservation RSVP. Payment is due by June 21st. For more information, call 719-371-2774.
Debbie Bell, Fremont County Commissioner, representing the city of Florence & the Penrose community area came out. She said Sheriff Jim Biker is in charge of any fire bans that are placed within the Fremont County boundaries. He works along with the Fire Departments & Volunteer Fire Districts in the area & keeps in close contact with persons in the US Forest & BLM that oversee areas that are at risk of wild fires. Debbie asked that all be very careful with any fires & please report any fire you see if you aren’t sure the reason it was started. She also reported the Fremont County Commissioners are looking to see if more jobs can be opened up within the county. They are encouraging more businesses to come into Fremont County that will employ people. If there are jobs to be had & employment is better it will truly help with the county’s expenses paid out to the Human Services & also create a better business based community. Debbie recently attended a conference that was at Pueblo in which she learned more about the areas to begin to try to get more information about jobs & more money into Fremont County to help keep our county smooth running.
Penrose Chamber of Commerce’s President Max Engelhardt & also Principal of Penrose Elementary School thanked everyone who attended the monthly breakfast & gave a short talk about how the children were getting out of school for their summer. He reported the students received good scores from the T-Cap tests that were given. That’s always good news for Penrose School. Mr. Engelhardt talked about Cowboy Day at the school, which was being held from 10 am until 1 pm the same day as our breakfast. He said everything was geared around the days of the old west. There were steers to be roped, bucking steers, & tall tales to be heard. Misty Dawn would be bringing singers in from the Colorado Country Music Association. They would be singing Cowboy songs. There are many other fun things to do. What a way to learn about our western heritage!
Mark Crespin, branch manager of Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust, was at the PCOC breakfast. He thanked the Chamber of Commerce for their recognition of the Business of the Month for May. Mark thought it was good that our chamber reached out to businesses in other towns, such as Florence, with our recognition since we have members from all over. It was our pleasure to recognize Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust.
We were pleased to meet Jan Stockham at the PCOC breakfast. Jan & Kaye Widger both represented the Habitat for Humanity & the Habitat for Humanity Restore at the breakfast. There are many building materials & plumbing items if you are restoring anything. For your building needs, come in & check out our supplies. Habitat for Humanity will be building a new home on Vermont Street soon. If you know of a family who needs a low cost home & they qualify, this would be an excellent way for them to have their home. For more information, call Habitat for Humanity @719-275-7781.
We want to welcome our newest member Henry Bradford to the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. His business is HB Home & Outdoors Emergency Products. His website is
The next breakfast will be held on June 20th at 7 am at Coyote’s Coffee Den in Penrose.
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce held breakfasts in both the months of July & August. These were held July 18th & August 15th at the Coyote’s Coffee Den. We certainly want to thank Pete &Rhea Mugasis for having us over to their lovely patio to hold our summer monthly breakfast. They always make us feel welcome & we appreciate the good time together.
Max Engelhardt, Principal of Penrose Elementary School & President of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, welcomed & thanked everyone for coming out & participating in the breakfast & discussion. Max also began the introductions around the tables on the patio. Most everyone said something about their business or organization & information about upcoming events in both Penrose & the Fremont County are. (Florence & Cañon City) In the July business of the County Commissioners Debbie Bell represented the County Commissioners & talked about the sales of permits to allow green houses to be built for possibly growing recreational marijuana. While the county, as well as others, have received many questions of legally building these growth operations & even allowing any activity. Debbie explained that it wasn’t illegal to set up greenhouses, as long as they followed codes according to law since Penrose isn’t incorporated. Debbie also said they’re interested in obtaining funds for Fremont County to use for growth for schools, highways, etc. The taxes from such sources could possibly be substantial , but she also explained the money may not out way the costs to keep them Sheriff’s Dept. & Human Services for the help for families affected by misuse of any recreational drugs & all of the other problems associated with people breaking the law in various forms to either get those marijuana products or be driving under the influence of their use.
In the August PCOC breakfast, Debbie came back with a continuation of the marijuana story & said the County Commissioners has been giving it a lot of thought & there’s a possibility they will bring it to a vote. They need a lot of public input so they’re planning some public
Meetings for citizens to tell their feelings about the Pros & Cons of having it in Fremont County. If it’s voted out, it will not be allowed to be grown, sold, or started within the County lines. If the citizens go to the meetings, they will be much more educated about the voting process. Keep your eyes & ears open about this. You will hear it on the radio & see it in the newspapers & TV.
Debbie has announced there will be an issue brought up on the November ballot to raise taxes to improve the Sheriff Dept’s ability to carry out the law & take care of some of their needs. This will be a 1% tax increase & the money will be garnered from sales tax in Fremont County.
Steve & Larvata Carter were at the PCOC breakfast in July & announced there will be a pipeline built that will bring water from wells that have been drilled on a ranch bought from Holcim Inc. & the work will be finished sometime in 2014. The wells have been tested & prove to be good for human consumption. The water will be piped to Brush Hollow & Penrose Purification System & used strictly for residential & insures the citizens of Penrose will have drinking water for years. A big thanks to the dedicated people who have sat on the Penrose water board.
Clar & Dave Shipman & Brenda Van Egman came to the breakfast to hear what is happening about the marijuana grow operations. Both Clar & Dave have been attending all of the meetings concerning this subject because of their love & concern for the safety & welfare of the Penrose community.
Kaye Widger, representing Habitat for Humanity, passed out flyers that gave an idea of what the new house will look like. The orientation meeting was August 3, 2013.
Joe Sieberlich was present at both of the PCOC breakfasts. Joe represents Estes-Cox Corporation. Joe said there are at least 2 jobs to be held at Estes & they hope to employ people from Penrose or Fremont County. These jobs are available by applying at the Estes Co. or e-mail for information.
John Warnok of the Colorado Workforce Center said there is still time to apply at the Workforce if you know someone who was laid off due to the Royal Gorge fire. Money will be coming in from the Federal Disaster Fire Insurance.
We were glad to meet David Reynolds, President of FEDC, & thank him for coming & sharing information about what FEDC does & how they can help encourage & help businesses to set down roots in Fremont County. They are hoping to bring in more tourists when the Royal Gorge Park gets rebuilt. FEDC is also talking to bicycle companies about bringing their factories to the area.
Last month we had Dave Gouvia from Cañon Marine Inc. at the breakfast. He said their business was doing great here in Penrose. They have found Penrose to be a good central location for their type of business.
Doug Shane, Executive Director for Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, was present.
Marlowe Casetti reminded all to come out to the Sons of Italy, Italian Festival, which will begin at 9 am on Sept. 14th.
Steve Shannon, President of the Penrose Senior Club, talked about the Senior Flea Market & Breakfast at the senior building on Saturday, Aug. 24th from 7 am until 10 am for $5 a person & invited everyone to attend their lunches on Tuesdays & Thursdays for $3.
Bill talked about the Apple Dumplings contest. They picked Dinari Smith for King & Emma Weber for Queen. The Honored Guests & Senior King & Queen have been chosen but not announced yet. He also told about all of the activities going on in Fremont County. He talked about the Business of the Month. Our August Business of the Month is the Penrose Volunteer Fire Dept.
The Cañon Rose will begin their new season on Sept. 14th. Our feature act is Cowtown from Ft. Collins. They are an excellent band. The doors open at 6 pm, show begins at 7 pm. The shows are at the Four Mile Community building, right next to Sonny’s Ace Home Center in Cañon City. Kristi Hoopes is the opening act for the evening. We will only have one opening act so Cowtown can bring a longer concert. Come on out for a fun– filled night.
Don’t forget the flea market on Sept. 14th from 7 am until 4 pm at the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant parking lot.
Remember the Pioneer Parade in Florence on Sept. 21st. It will be a 3 day event, Sept. 20-22.

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met at Coyote’s Coffee Den on September 19, 2013 for their monthly breakfast. There were 23 members & guests present on that beautiful morning. The Chamber of Commerce & all of our guests certainly want to thank Pete & Rhea Mugasis for allowing us to use their lovely patio for our summer breakfast meetings.
Max Engelhardt, President of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce & Principal of Penrose Elementary School, opened the introductions & announced they will have a garage sale at Penrose School on September 21st beginning at 8 am. He invited all to come out & attend the garage sale. Mr. Engelhardt also said they had received the I-Pads that the students will be using at Penrose School & they’re in the process of unpacking them, making sure they are in working condition & labeling them for student use. Those students will have a new way to learn & have fun doing it. We wish all students & teachers to have a good school year!
Anne Sterling, the reporter for Out & About published in the Florence Citizen newspaper, asked if any of us heard about activities taking place in Penrose. Be sure & let her know if you. She will go out & take pictures & write an article on the activities. It adds to the information about our community & keeps us up to date on things going on. To contact Anne, call 372-6417.
Dave & Sue Goveia, owners of Cañon Marine Inc., were present. Dave says they are busy winterizing & storing boats & putting them away for the winter. The Goveia’s feel their business is doing well in Penrose. If you have needs for your boat, give them a call at 719-371-3151.
Pat & Rose Lindley represent E & R Enterprises & Pat sells Amsoil Products. This is lubricants for your vehicles, tractors, motors, etc. If you would like to learn about Amsoil products or wish to get in touch with Pat, you can call him at 372-6114.
Joe Seiberlich brought us up to date on a couple of jobs that are being offered at Estes-Cox Inc. One is a manufacturing job putting together supplies for the Estes model rockets and the other is for a marketing position open to promote the Estes-Cox Inc. facility & what they have to sell. If you need work & want to apply for the jobs they are offering, please give them a call at 719-372-6565.
Steve Shannon, President of the Penrose Seniors Club, told about the lovely affair they held for the Senior King & Queen & Penrose Honored Guests. The Senior King & Queen is Cecil & Barbara Atkinson & the Honored Guests is Ron & Kathy Lhamon. Kathy is the daughter of Donnie & Albert Molello & she & Ron have lived here ever since they married. Steve & his crew (the members of the Senior Center) decorated & had a cake baked & served with coffee & tea. The Penrose Chamber joined them in honoring these citizens & the Chamber of Commerce brought in the beautiful bouquets they bought at Garden Wall Floral Co. Bill McGuire was the MC & Misty Dawn was present to give them the bouquets & special clocks the Chamber had made at R & R Trophies in Florence. They had a good group of people there to help celebrate.
Marlowe Cassetti, representing the Sons of Italy, gave a report on their 1st Italian Festival they had in September. It was very successful with over 2,000 people there. They are looking forward to having another festival. He announced they will have a Spaghetti dinner on Oct. 20th from 11 am until 6 pm at the Florence Elk Lodge. Adults are $8 & kids are $3.50.
There will be an event at the Fremont County Airport on September 28th starting at 8 am. There will be airplanes flying in & making touchdowns through-out the day. There will be vendors there, plus activities to occupy the kid’s time. Come out & enjoy the day with your family.
Fremont County Commissioner Debbie Bell was present. She said the 1% tax that will be on the November ballot will help with the Sheriff’s Department’s .needs to keep the jail safe & help support their presence through-out the County. Debbie talked about the flooding & washouts on the County roads, causing all kinds of road repairs & rebuilding. Debbie also encouraged citizens to come out to the Fly at the Fremont County Airport. They will be doing a brick dedication at the Veteran’s Memorial there. There will be 150 names on bricks placed in memory of those serving in the military.
Mark Crespin said the Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust will be hosting the after hours event put on by the Florence Chamber of Commerce. While this is going on, they will have someone to show people working with money how to identify phony money. The after hours will be September 24th.
Clar & Dave Shipman was also present. They represent the 1st Southern Baptist Church in Penrose.
Fremont County Undersheriff Ty Martin came & gave a well rounded description of the needs of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department & why they’re putting the 1% tax issue on this years ballot to be voted upon this November. Part of this is increase in the cost of food & prescriptions as part of the care of inmates, transportation of inmates into the County jail, &/or if they need to be moved or taken to a medical facility. If they have been incarcerated in a Colorado State prison for one reason or another & are repeat offenders of certain laws while they mare still under the DOC Parole System, they may be held at the Fremont County Jail. This is the only jail in the state of Colorado that keeps the inmates from DOC. The Sheriffs Department would like to restore what was lost due to the economy. They have fewer people to do the same job they’ve always done. Their wages are the lowest in the state. The dispatch area needs to be improved or brought up to date. They also have to be the Fire Marshall for Fremont County. They need more up to date equipment for that, as well. As you can see, their needs are plenty. At this time, there is only 1 guard for every 96 inmates each shift. If this is voted in by the people, it will be according to the Colorado sunset law over the amount of 10 years of time. This tax money will be used strictly by the Sheriffs Department. A big thank you to Ty Martin for the good report he gave. We were sorry Sheriff Jim Beiker wasn’t able to attend & expand on this tax issue but Ty did an excellent job.
Our next breakfast will be at Michelle’s Restaurant. We will see you there!
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast on Oct. 17, 2013 at Michelle’s Restaurant. There were 14 members & guests present. Thank you. Michelle, for letting the Penrose Chamber of Commerce have our winter breakfast at your establishment. We enjoy meeting in your cozy conference room.
Executive Director Bill McGuire welcomed everybody & thanked all present for their part in getting ready for Apple Day. Bill wasn’t able to be at Apple Day due to the death of his sister, Shirley Dillon. She passed away on Apple Day. Bill is appreciative of all of the work & support the Chamber received when he was gone for another very successful Apple Day.
Calvin Sunderman, EMT & volunteer fireman from Penrose & representing the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, said he was sorry for not being present for the Apple Day activities, including the parade Grand Marshall. Calvin was chosen to be the Parade Grand Marshall. Calvin & the firefighters were on heroic duty of answering 21 fire & accident calls throughout the day. Man, were they ever busy? Calvin said they will be completing their new building that will house the new fire truck & it should be done by next month. Calvin gave a big accolades to all who volunteer at the Penrose Fire Dept. for all of their dedication & hardwork.
Kay Widger, representing Habitat for Humanity Restore, announced that True Value gave them a large donation of hardware & some other items. There will be cabinetry to look at in a few days as soon as they get those pieces onto the floor. If you have need of hardware to complete a project or repair something in your home, please check the Habitat Store first. She also gave a report about the new houses they hope to begin work on for low income families. They are working on getting some lots in Florence to be approved for building start-up in January 2014. If you wish to donate, volunteer, or need to contact Habitat for Humanity in Fremont County, call 275-7781.
Pat & Rose Lindley are E & R Enterprises. Pat also sells Amsoil Products & said when he is not available for sales, you can check with Bear’s Den Automotive on Broadway. To contact Pat, call 372-6114.
Janet & Ron Vansyoc attended the breakfast. They represented VIP Storage of Penrose. Ron gave the announcement that they have sold their business to Dave & Sue Gouveia. Ron will be leaving right away to go to Georgia & Janet will move to be close to family in Missouri. We will certainly miss Janet & Ron. They have been members for several years. Ron served on the Penrose chamber board for awhile & Janet was volunteer cook & member of the Senior Center here in Penrose. Janet has always been dedicated to anything she helped with throughout the community.
We want to welcome Earl Perry as a new business member. His business is Mission Ready Tree Service. Earl said his business seems to be taking off at a good rate. We wish him well. If you have need for tree removal or seasonal pruning or clearing, let Earl know. He can be reached at 719-231-2772., or
Dave Gouveia, representing Cañon Marine, talked about the purchase of VIP Storage, which will be ran as a separate business from the boat business they own, although they will be able to use some of the storage. They are looking forward to adding to their business expertise. We want to wish them well in their new venture.
County Commissioner Debbie Bell was present at the breakfast. She commented on the work she & the other commissioners are doing on the budget planning for the new year.
See you next month!
Ione McGuire

Penrose Chamber of Commerce breakfast notes- November 21, 2013
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met at Michelle’s Restaurant on November 21, 2013. Thank you, Michelle, for having the PCOC over for their monthly breakfast. We enjoy your cozy conference area & it gives the business members a chance to exchange information that will help our community.
PCOC President, Max Englehardt, opened up the meeting& welcomed all who came by, offering the people an opportunity to introduce themselves & say something about the business they represent. There were 15 members & guests present so we had a lot of good information to share.
Joe Sieberlich, representing the Estes-Cox Corp. of Penrose, talked about how he thinks the economy may be picking up. They were able to hire four people just lately at Estes-Cox Corp. & the business is starting to improve there. Joe also talked about a clean-up activity they had at their business.
Anne Sterling, reporter of the Florence Citizen, represented the Friends of the Library by announcing their chili dinner coming up soon at the Penrose Community Library. The chili dinner will be Dec. 5th from 4-7 pm & will be $5 per person. Anne also announced the seniors will have their turkey dinner on Thanksgiving from 11 am until 2 pm. There is an angel tree at the senior center with 40 angels with names of people who can’t afford Christmas presents. Stop by & pick up an angel to help cheer someone’s Christmas along. The angel tree is also sponsored by the VFW. Anne also presented Max Engelhardt with a check from the Senior Center to help buy school library books. Mr. Engelhardt was very happy to receive the gift.
George Sugar, Fremont County Manager, invited those present to attend the meeting they will be having for the budget to be voted in by the County Commissioners. The meeting will be Nov. 26th at 10 am.
Debbie Bell, Commissioner of Fremont County & representing the Penrose area, thanked all who went out & voted & thanks went out for the positive votes of the sales tax increase to help with Fremont Sheriff’s budget. The Sheriff’s office is busy reworking the budget to improve everything that is expected from the office of the Sheriff Department. Debbie also commented on how there was a strong input from Penrose about the subject of pot growers & anything related. She talked about the ban in the County on recreational marijuana & this is a permanent ban. As long as she is in office she will never change her vote. Whatever is medical now stays, what is not (such as recreational sales) is out. The County is working on the rules & regulations for any of the growth sales & restrictions from the medical side of it. Debbie feels the state has just turned over their part of regulations to the counties to plan their own rules. The other County Commissioners agree with Debbie. They feel this is unfair considering all of the areas each county has to address on the subject. Thanks to Debbie Bell & her strong commitment to her job as a County Commissioner. Debbie is the chairperson now for the Fremont County Commissioner’s board.

Beth Fraley of ABL Development came out to talk about her & her sister’s company in Florence. This was a special time to get to hear how their company is doing. Beth said they have been very busy with sales & other activities. Her whole family is involved in the business. They sell Kookaburra at the Farmer’s Market in the summer. Beth travels out of state to business promotion fairs & they set up tables to display & show the people all about their products. They had a 35% increase in their sales over the last year. Beth will be taking the Kookaburra to a business convention in Dallas in February 2014. Be sure to call ABL at 784-2206 to get your cleaning supplies. They are all natural plant based substance & very safe to use around kids & pets. They also have some of their products with no fragrance for those who have allergies. Beth also told us about an opportunity to get co-op discounts for their products or any other co-op member. To find out how to be a co-op member, stop by the office & pick up one of their brochures that tells how to be a member. The Chamber is open Monday-Friday 10 am until 2 pm.
Mark Crespin, bank manager & representing Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust at Florence, talked about their recent workshop on how to recognize counter-fit bills & how to protect your identification. Mark said they would be happy to come out & put on the same workshop that anyone would need for businesses & organizations. Mark is also President of the Florence Rotary Club & he told us there were about 50 families that teamed with the Florence Fire Dept. to help with food for the Holidays for the shut-ins & people in need. If you have questions or want to have a workshop about counter-fit currency, please contact Mark Crespin at 719-784-6316.
Pat & Rose Lindley of E & R Enterprises came out. We’re always so happy to have them at the breakfast. Pat always has promoting information to tell us about AMSOIL products. If you need an oil product or are putting away your mowers & tractors for the winter, don’t hesitate to call Pat at 372-6114.
We want to welcome Earl Perry of Penrose to our Chamber of Commerce & to our community. Earl recently moved his family here to Penrose & has a good business going. He is a trained tree trimmer & has all of the equipment to do the job well. We hope your business prospers well in our community. It’s nice to call on local people when we need them. Call Mission Ready Tree Service at 719-231-2772. Earl recently retired from the military. Thank you, Earl, for all of your years of American service & thanks again for bringing your business to Penrose.
Charlie Phipps of Rainbow Trail Locksmith was at the breakfast. If you have any locksmith needs, give Charlie a call at 719-289-0457.
We were honored to have Chris Webb come to our breakfast. She represented the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce. She will be doing the job Doug Shane did. We wish Doug the best for his future plans & hope to stay connected with the Cañon City Chamber.
Max Engelhardt talked about the I-Pad program at the school. The I-Pads are being used by the 4th & 5th graders. He told about how the P.T.O. has a fundraiser going on we can help with. They are collecting box tops from food items, such as cereal, cake mixes, etc. & they also are working with a program at the Target stores to take old I-Pads into Target & exchange them for new I-Pads. There are so many ways our businesses & community members can help the school with the various needs that are there. He said the Teachers Conferences will be Nov. 25th & 26th. There will be a program, “The Nutcracker” performed on Dec. 10th at 2:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Dec. 9th-13th Holiday Store is a fun time for kids to spend a little money to buy gifts for family or something they might want or need. Anne said it sure is fun to watch the kids buy. Anne volunteers as a school grandparent to read etc. for the children.
Don’t forget the 40th Annual Christmas Parade in Cañon City on December 7th at 5 pm.

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for their breakfast on December 19, 2013 at Michelle’s Restaurant. There were 22 members & guests present. This was a special get together since it has been the tradition of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce to have a door prize drawing during our normal sharing of our businesses to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Thank you, Michelle, for allowing us to have our monthly winter breakfast there. You always make it seem so welcoming!

Max Engelhardt, President of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce & Principal of Penrose Elementary School, welcomed all who came & started the round table of introductions.

Calvin Sunderman, Chief of the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, was able to come out & share how the Penrose Fire Department went to the school & played Nerf Dodge Ball with the Penrose School students. What an opportunity for the students to get acquainted with our firefighters & EMTS & learn that our fire fighters are there to help us when we need them but also they are a part of the community & real people trying to make a difference in our area by donating their time & resources to help our community be the friendly little place it is. Thanks Calvin & all of the fire fighters!

Pat & Rose Lindley of E & R Enterprises brought flyers with information about Amsoil. They also gave everyone a ballpoint pen. Thank you, Pat & Rose, for your generosity! Pat also announced there are 2 businesses that carry his product, Penrose Tire & Bear’s Den Auto.

Steve Shannon of the Penrose Senior Center came out & talked about the updated improvements made at the Senior Center. They replaced all of their fire detectors. He also gave dates on upcoming activities. They had a chili dinner, Santa dropped by the Center on his way back to the North Pole, & they had a craft fair.

Dave & Sue Gouviea, owners of Canon Marine & the storage facility, formerly known as VIP Storage. Dave gave a great report on their business. He said they had a really good year.  He said their crew & office personal will be out of town for the Annual Boat & RV Show in Denver on January 11th & 12th. If you wish to pick up tickets for this show Canon Marine has them for a discount. Call Canon Marine at 372-3151.

Kay Widger, Habitat for Humanity & Habitat for Humanity Restore, gave a report on what they are currently getting ready to build. They will begin building in March 2014 in Florence, 2 blocks off of Arrowhead Drive. They hope to build 2 more homes in 2015 in the same area. For more information about Habitat for Humanity & Habitat for Humanity Restore, call 275-1787 for the store or 275-7781 for the office.

Marlow Casetti, of the Sons of Italy organization, talked about their wine-tasting event. The event was held at the Pueblo Community College at the Fremont Campus. They had over 200 people in attendance. They also had over 1,000 people at their Sicilian Fair in October 2013. He will inform us when they have their Spaghetti dinners, which they have twice a year.

Charlotte Burrous came as a Representative of the Daily Record. She said it was very impressive to see how many people brought gifts in for Toys for Tots. She wanted to thank everyone that donated. I know a lot of kids were made happy.

Max Engelhardt spoke about the Nutcracker Production put on by the students of Penrose School. This is their 2nd year of production. The students put on a great program.

George Sugars, manager of Fremont County, was present. He said sales tax was down according to sales tax taken lately. They’re hoping to see an increase as we move into 2014. The County is hoping more people will continue buying local & the revenue generated from sales will help our local area with County services.

Debbie Bell, County Commissioner of Fremont County, said the commissioners are keeping vigilant to be sure citizens are informed & not evading any of the laws pertaining to retail sales of marijuana since it’s banned in Fremont County. There has been a lot of work put on the Fremont County Commissioners since each county will decide their own regulations. She also announced she will be running again for County Commissioner.

Bill McGuire, Executive Director of Penrose Chamber of Commerce, announced the Annual Banquet will be February 10, 2014. The Annual Meeting will be Jan.8th at 6 pm. We will elect the officers at that time.

We had several guests attending this special breakfast. John & Judy Sandefur, Clar & Dave Shipman, Dick Shea, Tina Heffner, & Susan Hildebrand all came to hear what was said by Debbie Bell & to support the Penrose community.

After all of the introductions we all enjoyed the door prize drawing. It was quite a festive way to kick off the holiday season.

Penrose Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 379, Penrose, CO 81240

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