Penrose Chamber of Commerce

The Gateway to Fremont County

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce breakfast was held on Jan. 19, 2012 at Michelle’s Restaurant. There were 20 members & guests present. Thank you, Michelle, for letting us use your dining room for our monthly breakfast.
Pat Lindley, our Vice-President for the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, introduced himself & talked about the products he sells (Amsoil) & got the introductions started among those present. Pat said he sells 3 different grades of synthetic oil & also offers other products. If you’re ready for an oil change, he can help you make your gas last longer & car run longer. Give him a call at 372-6114. Pat & Rose Lindley are E & R Enterprises & members of our chamber.
Anne Sterling represented the Senior Center Club. She had several points of information to offer about activities & fund-raisers the seniors will be having this month. There will be a breakfast that the community is invited to attend on January 28th at 7 am. Price for the breakfast is $5. On February 10th, the seniors will be having an evening dinner. The cost will be $6. They will serve a Salisbury Steak dinner. Take out will be furnished for those who wish to take them home. The Senior Center has weekly noon meals for anyone wishing to attend on Tuesday & Thursday. Call ahead so those preparing food will have it ready. Anne announced the County Commissioners have agreed to let them have the building for $10,000. The building must have some repairs done on it so monies given for the building will be reimbursed by the County to make the improvements. It’s good to see that the Penrose Senior Club is able to have the historic building as a good place to meet & offer help for the community. Congratulations to you all that worked to come to the point of owning your own Senior Center building. Call 372-3872 for reservations.
Calvin Sunderman, representing the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, gave a report that the Fire Department is going to have a grant writer prepare them a letter to receive a grant for a new ambulance that is needed. Calvin is hopeful of them getting this grant. He is asking the citizens & businesses to write letters to support the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department in this effort. The volunteers of the Penrose Fire Department do a tremendous job of going out on calls every day & trying to keep our community safe. If you want information, call Calvin Sunderman at 429-1465.
Joe Seiberlich represents the Estes-Cox Corporation. They make the model rockets that are so popular with the teachers & children that build them. They also are working with a line of model airplanes that can fly by remote control. If you have a club, church group, or know of a school that would like to include the science of rocketry in their curriculum, please have them contact the Estes-Cox Corporation by calling 719-372-6565 or e-mail them at Their address is 1295 “H” Street, P.O. Box 227 Penrose, CO 81240.
Shane Allen representing Holcim (US) Inc. talked about how slow their business is at the present but in spite of the economy at present. They are hoping not to have to lay off anyone. Shane thanked the Penrose Chamber of Commerce for electing him onto the Chamber board at large. He also made the announcement that they would like to help with community needs so if you know of these various needs, let Shane Allen know so they might be able to fill them. This will help our community & help keep the Holcim employees busy. Shane can be contacted by calling 719-784-6325.
Charles Phipps is owner of the Rainbow Trail Locksmith. For your locksmith needs, call Charles at 289-0457.
Ron Hinkle, Mayor of Florence & Executive Director of Starpoint, brought a guest with him. He is Florence City Manager, Mike Patterson. It was good to meet Mike & hear some of them items that Florence will be expecting of him. It’s always a pleasure to meet new people coming to Fremont County wishing Mike & his family the best as they get settled into their new job & home.
Joe Rall is spokesperson for Congressman Doug Lamborn. Joe said that the House is back in session & that the house passed the bill to balance the budget before adding more debt. Joe was dubious as to whether this will hold up in the senate since they have to have at least 2/3’s majority to override the vote. Joe said there is a slim to none chance of going through. Joe also reported that President Obama has said no to the Canada pipeline. February will bring an end to any voting from the House of Representatives.
Debbie Bell talked about the Senior Center & how she stood firm at the County Commissioner’s meeting to get them to give the building to the Seniors. She also mentioned the Over the River project. They have received many letters concerning this project. She asked that everyone please let the County Commissioners know how you feel about this project since they get the final say. To call with your vote, call 276-7300.
She also mentioned a new law which is coming out affecting those with cisterns. For new homes built, they will either have to tie into city water or drill a well. This will be a problem because some places are not able to do either of these types of water provisions & the bulk water suppliers won’t be able to help them with water needs. Let the Fremont County Commissioners & Planning & Zoning know about these problems & how you feel about this rule. Call 719-276-7300. She encouraged everyone to vote in the caucuses regardless of what party you are.
John Warnok of the Colorado Workforce talked about Doug Shane of the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce encouraging businesses to partner with the Colorado Workforce to help provide work & training to eligible youth in our area. He also announced the Job Fair that will be coming in March at the Pueblo Community College at the Fremont County Campus. Keep your eyes open for the date & call Colorado Workforce at 275-7408 for more information.
Ron & Janet Vansyoc also came. Ron owns the VIP Storage, east of Penrose on Hwy. 50. Ron said they are looking forward to having a garage sale at their storage facility soon. Call Ron for further information at 372-7057.
Brandon Hyatt said the Cañon City Shopper is having winter promotions for ads. If you buy 3, the 4th will be free. If you buy 12, you will be able to advertise for a full month free. February starts a new phase. He announced March 2nd & 3rd will be the Home & Garden Show held at the Abbey Field House. This is free to the public. Call Brandon to find out prices of the booth set up at 275-9131.
Max Engelhardt, Principal of Penrose Elementary School, talked about a community effort that engaged people from the community & the Staff of RE-2. This was called Focal Point & related to the school district in RE-2 in Fremont County K-12 aligning to the Colorado State standards so at the end of their school age life from K-12, they will be on the same page as other districts. Mr. Engelhardt thanked Bill McGuire & Christine Williams for representing the community of Penrose.
Executive Director of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, Bill McGuire, thanked everyone for coming out to the breakfast. He announced the Annual Banquet will be February 6, 2012 at the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant & the Florence Chamber of Commerce will hold their Annual Banquet February 7th at Crossroads. For more information, call the Penrose Chamber of Commerce at 372-3994. Brandon of the Cañon City Shopper said they would like to have help with local events. If you know of anything going on locally, give him a call at 275-9131.
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast on February 16, 2012 at Michelle’s Restaurant. A very enjoyable time was had by most thanks to the fine service we have at Michelle’s.
Penrose Chamber of Commerce President Elvira Patterson started out the conversation by introducing herself & welcoming everyone present. Elvira thanked all who came out to the Annual Banquet. She reported the Banquet was very successful & thanked Barbara & Tim Martin for letting the Chamber have their Banquet there at the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant. The Martins are very dedicated about how their business is run & will go that extra mile for a fine occasion to coordinate all of the details of presenting a beautiful banquet. Elvira encouraged everyone to introduce themselves & say a few words about their business.
Kelsey Mundy was our youngest guest there. She came to tell us about her trip to Ireland, which is a school sponsored event that People to People participate in. Kelsey plans on raising her own money to go to this event but is reaching out to the community to help her find activities she can get involved in to help raise the money. She would appreciate any business who would sponsor her, also. She passed out letters to everyone explaining all of the details.
Ann Sterling representing the Senior Center of Penrose brought a list of events going on at the Senior Center. There will be a monthly breakfast held & on March 17th they will be serving a corn beef & cabbage dinner for $6 a person. They’re hoping to have many activities to raise money to match the amount the grant was toward the purchase of the building they have been renting from the County.
Ina Finch, joint owner of Indian Springs Campground, talked about the campground & extended an invitation to the members of the Chamber of Commerce to come out & swim in their pool this summer. They just recently had the pool reconstructed. The Campground is a lovely place to go to enjoy being out in the open & they have many activities to do there.
Pat & Rose Lindley were there. Rose is the Apple Day coordinator & Pat sells Amsoil. For more information call Pat at 372-6114.
Marlowe Cassetti came out for breakfast. He is our local representative for the Sons of Italy Club in Cañon City. Marlowe said the Sons of Italy are planning to have their spaghetti dinner on April 22nd at the Elks Lodge in Cañon City. The tickets will be sold at the door. The dinner will go from 11 am until 6 pm. Elks Lodge is located at 404 Macon Ave. For more information call 269-3519. Sons of Italy are also planning 2 golf tournaments. The first being held June 16th at the Shadow Hills Golf Club.
Joe Seiberlich of Estes-Cox Inc. has noticed that business has been picking up for their company. He believes the economy is getting better & is hoping to hire more local people soon at their facility.
Doug Shane, Executive Director of the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, encouraged businesses to team up with Colorado Workforce & become mentors working with youth in a student boot camp designed to help young people meet their needs on dressing & preparing their applications & resumes so they are ready to set out for job interviews as soon as employment is ready to receive them.
Charles Phipps was there & said a few words about his locksmith business. For more information on Rainbow Trail Locksmith call 289-0457.
John Warlok representing the Colorado Workforce passed out flyers for two up & coming activities. They will have the Seminar to prepare the youth for summer jobs & will be having a Job Fair at the Pueblo Community College. For more information please contact the Colorado Workforce at 719-275-7408. John said Colorado is paying unemployment up to 72 weeks & encouraged people to hire on at a temporary agency so they can build up their working skills again in the event they would be hired full time.
Fremont County Commissioners gave a report on their current focus of County business. They had 3 town hall meetings to have people of our county express their opinion about the Over the River Art work to be displayed. They are currently reading over 800 letters from people who have expressed their concerns about what this will do to the wildlife, highway blockages & detours for travelers, whether it’s local people or tourists. The County Commissioners have the final say.
Max Engelhardt, Penrose Elementary School Principal, talked about the paper drive they are having at Penrose School. They don’t have enough paper to last until school is out so they are asking for help from anyone who can donate reams of paper since so many of the school activities & lessons are copied onto paper. This helps with the budget crunch. He also asked for motivational type gifts, such as knick-knacks, pencils, stickers, anything that is appropriate for school age children to receive as little rewards for their achievements & to help them learn to be good citizens. Max talked about Cheryl Gasser receiving the award for Teacher of the Year at the Penrose Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet.
The K-Star Radio station visited Penrose School & had children say the Pledge of Allegiance & gave many a chance to advertise their Radio station.
Mark Taylor of Orchard of Hope talked about the taste event held recently at the community room of the Sunflower Bank. He said it was a very successful event & this money raised by the Orchard of Hope stays with the community. It helps local people who have cancer with whatever needs they have. Their annual Orchard of Hope Walk will be June 9, 2012. There will be a Fire Truck pull on April 28th. These events help fund the Orchard of Hope needs.
Ron Hinkle, Mayor of Florence & Executive Director of Star Point, gave the announcement that sales tax in Florence was up 5.4% so he said that was a good sign.
Florence had an Art & Antique Show on Saturday, Feb. 18th. It turned out to be a very successful event. We should keep our eyes open for their special activities that helps those in our community.
Star Point will have their Annual monopoly around the block. On June 16th. This helps their clients with needs for their life skills, training, & other practical purposes. Ron also said Florence has a new business, Justis Best Barbeque, located on Main Street.
Executive Director Bill McGuire gave a great big Thank You to all who came out. He was pleased with the information shared.

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met at Michelle’s Restaurant for breakfast on April 19, 2012. 28 guests & members were present. We want to thank Michelle for letting us meet at her restaurant & having the dining area & hot coffee ready for us. Michelle recently had her conference area redecorated & added a little more room where the old bar used to be. This is a lovely dining room with its new flooring & all of the improvements. Hats off to Michelle & Kevin for all of their hard work!
Elvira Patterson, our Chamber president, welcomed all who came out & got the introductions started among the group.
Anne Sterling, president of the Senior Center Club, gave a rundown of the activities the seniors are going to be having for the rest of April and into May. She invited all to come out for the fundraising breakfast on April 28th at 7 am at the Senior Center building. She also encouraged all present to come out to the May 19th dinner between 4- 7:30 pm. These fund-raisers are helping the seniors with their utilities. Come out if you can & have fun.
We want to welcome as a guest Dave, the owner of Canon Marine here in Penrose. He came out & visited with our group at the breakfast.
John Warnok represented the Colorado Workforce. John talked about the middle class tax relief & it will be a way to help those who are employed. The Colorado Workforce is giving classes for those in need of work & they have training programs to help those people to get work as interns for their particular employment. To find out if your company is eligible for this training of future employees, give the Colorado Workforce a call at 719-275-2408.
Ron Hinkle, Mayor of Florence & Executive Director of Star-point, invited all to come & visit Friendly Florence. He talked briefly about the water line they are currently working on & how the city of Florence had a all city clean up. Star-point has “around the block monopoly game” coming up & the vendors come at no charge.
Brandon Hyatt represents the Canon Shopper. He said the website for the Shopper has about 57,000 hits a month now so if you advertise there, you will have good coverage.
Marlowe Cassetti of the Sons of Italy said to come out on April 22 from 11 am until 6 pm for their spaghetti dinner. This will be held at the Canon City Elks Club. Price for the dinner is $8.00 for adults & $3.50 for children. This fundraiser will go for scholarships.
Kaye Widger, representing Habitat for Humanity, said they will be having an open house on June 2, 2012 on Saturday all day. Come on out for a fun day. The Habitat Restore is joining with another group to recycle paint they custom mix the paint (mostly neutral colors) & the Habitat Restore will be selling 5 gallon buckets of paint for $65.00. They also will be able to order custom made cabinets that are built at the Crowley Prison. If you wish to inquire about their paint program or the cabinets, please call Habitat for Humanity Restore at 275-7781.
Dick Mills & James Gilbert, members of the Fremont Shriners Club, were present at the breakfast. Both men gave information about the hospitals that the Shriners work with to get children who are in need of various surgeries, burn care, or have serious birth defects causing bone problems. The Shriners can help thousands of children without their parents paying (depending on each situation).The closest hospital for certain crippling diseases that children can go to is in Salt Lake City, Utah. Watch for I-Hop day! That’s where a certain % of their sales goes to the Shriners for these benefits. All of these are worthwhile. The local chapter of Shriners in Fremont County is the Eureka Lodge at Coal Creek Fremont Lodge at Florence. Don’t forget to go to the Shriners Circus when it comes to town in Canon City
Rose & Pat Lindley were there. Rose is the Apple Day coordinator. Pat is the Vice President of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. Rose will be directing the Team Penrose for the Orchard of Hope activities coming up June 9th at Veteran’s Park in Canon City. This is the 12th Annual Walk for the Orchard of Hope.
Mark Taylor represents the Orchard of Hope & he told about the Fire Truck Pull that will be held on 400 Main Street in Canon City from 9 am until 2 pm on April 28, 2012. The cost for the team members will be $10 each.
Calvin Sunderman, representing the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, was there & said they will have a truck out at the Orchard of Hope’s Pull for Hope.
Dan Bennett came on behalf of Holcim (US) Inc. He said it appears we may be pulling out of some of the recession that we have been in because their business has been improving some due to seasonal growth but some due to new construction. They are moving more cement to work with. Dan also talked about several of the community entities they have donated to like Starpoint, Pathfinder Park, & Boys & Girls Club of Canon City.
Paul Maye, of East Fremont Alliance, spoke of several things here in Penrose. The election is coming up May 8th from 7 am until 7 pm for offices at the Penrose Water District, we’ll be getting some of our water from the Arkansas River soon, & he also spoke of Governor Hickenlooper’s Eco Study for Colorado.
Fremont County Commissioner Ed Norden sits on the E-911 Board. He encourages people who have wireless phones to register their cell phones with alert & go read the most recently asked questions. If there is a terrible catastrophy, such as a flood, fire, or something just as bad, you will receive reverse phone calls on your cell phone if you are registered. This will let you know to get away from any problems in time to save your life.
There were 2 representatives from St. Thomas More Hospital that came & talked about the Health Fair at E-Free Church & another heart screening to take place at St. Thomas More Hospital on May 12th. They also provided flyers for healthier living in Colorado, which is a 6 week program beginning May 1st. It helps the person attending to realize how to cope with some of their health needs & gives an overview to how to work with your Dr. & many other subjects. It’s a free program. Each week you go for 2.5 hours. For information call Vickie Broerman R.N. at 719-285-2522.
Janette Mize of Colorado Hardwood Flooring came out. Her & her husband, Tom, are new business members of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. Their business is located at the Fremont Industrial Park at the Fremont airport in the red hanger. Be sure to visit them. Thank you for the yardsticks. That was a great introduction.
Penrose Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bill McGuire said to be sure & watch for the Apple Dumplings in the Canon City Music & Blossom Parade. He also encouraged all to get on our website. May 17th will be our next chamber breakfast & it will be at Coyote’s Coffee Den in Penrose. See you next month!
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce held their monthly breakfast at Coyote’s Coffee Den on June 21, 2012. There were 15 members & guests present. Thanks to Pete & Rhea Mugasis for allowing us to meet on their patio on such an enjoyable day. The weather was just right & the exchange of information between the businesses was very informative.
Executive Director of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, Bill McGuire, initiated the introductions by starting with Kaye Widger, who represents Habitat for Humanity Restore. Kaye told us Restore will have their first anniversary open house on June 30th & will have a day full of activities, including a silent auction between 11 am and 4 pm. Kaye had flyers to hand out for the program. Kaye said they would be building a new house beginning in the fall of 2012 on Vermont Street in Cañon City. If you wish to donate building supplies or household appliances, call 275-7781. They are also looking for people to volunteer to work in the store.
We want to welcome Sue & Dave Gouveia, owners of Cañon Marine Inc..
They recently joined Penrose Chamber of Commerce. Dave said they were glad to have their business located at Penrose & it’s in a good centralized location to attract boat owners to do business from all directions around Colorado & other states.
Sandy Baker, plant production manager of Holcim (US) Inc., said their production is down 50% due to the economy but they are still transporting cement & their business will be improving as economy grows.
Rose Lindley, Apple Day Coordinator, also works with Orchard of Hope & she said they had a good turnout for the Walk for Orchard of Hope. They raised $1,409.00 for that effort. This goes to help with expenses incurred through different needs of Cancer victims.
County Commissioner Debbie Bell thanked those involved in putting out the fire near Sheep Cañon. The fire was put out in 3 hours.
Debbie said the fireworks at Penrose Park for July 4th was approved & they would have them unless due to conditions they would have to be cancelled. Debbie also said the helicopters both from the Euro Copters & the Westland companies were coming to the Fremont Airport & area to get training for flying & testing these machines for high altitude. Fremont airport does a good job to support this effort. Florence expects to expand utilities into the business park at the airport. They’re trying to encourage businesses to come to Fremont County. If all requirements are made, there is a tire company trying to come in that will employ around 450 new jobs. This company’s name is Green Diamond Tires.
Pat Lindley of E & R Enterprises & a representative of Amsoil advises people to get their oil changed every 3 months. If you are up to an oil change & wish to try Amsoil give Pat a call at 372-6114.
Brandon Hyatt, representative of the Cañon City Shopper, encourages people to advertise in the Shopper & says this is a good time of the year to advertise because of sales they have going. He had a picture of his unborn son he shared with everyone. I’m sure he’s looking forward to being a dad. It will be a special day around the Hyatt household. If you’re planning on advertising, call Brandon at 275-9131.
Marlowe Casetti went to the business after hours the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce holds once a month. Marlowe said it was a well attended gathering, at least 150 people were present. Marlowe reported on the success of the golf tournament held at Shadow Hills Golf Course. There will be another tournament held on September 23, 2012 at the Sumo Golf Course. These golf tournaments are sponsored by the Sons of Italy. The spaghetti dinner will be held in the fall at the Florence Elks Lodge. The Sons of Italy also went to the Sky Sox game tail gate party for $25 a person. This was a great outing. Sons of Italy hope to have a vendor space for Apple day to advertise their organization.
Pete Mugasis, owner of Coyote’s Coffee Den, spoke about the music on the patio they have every Saturday night in Penrose.
Pete invited everyone to come out for the 5:30 pm BBQ & the music begins at 6:30 pm. The concerts will run throughout the summer. There is no cost to come see the shows & the meals are great.
Karen Seidling & Esther Manchego came out to let people know about Innovage, formerly known as Seniors Inc.. Please call 719-553-0478 if you need home care, help with trips to shop, or to Dr. appointments, etc. They can help you out.
Bill McGuire, PCOC Executive Director, talked about what the Penrose Chamber is working on. There will be an appreciation BBQ sponsored by the Penrose Chamber of Commerce & the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department on June 30th from 11 am until 2 pm. The BBQ will be at the Fire Department. The Shriners will provide clowns for the kids, CCMA will provide music, & the food is free. Come out for hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips, & drinks.
Get your nomination forms for the Senior King & Queen & for the Apple Dumplings. You can pick them up in the lobby at the Wells Fargo Bank in Penrose or the Chamber office. The Apple Dumpling contest
will be July 14th.
Bill thanked everyone who came out for the breakfast.
See you next month,
Ione McGuire

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for their monthly breakfast at Coyote’s Coffee Den in Penrose on July 19, 2012. There were 18 guests & members present. A big Thank You to Pete & Rhea Mugasis for letting us have our summer breakfast meetings on their patio.
Our Vice-President, Pat Lindley, thanked everyone for attending the breakfast & began the introductions around those present.
Calvin Sunderman, Chief of the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, talked about the burn ban within the county & just because it was announced that the ban was lifted in the Cañon City & Florence area, we should still be aware of burning in the Penrose area because there are certain conditions that prohibit just going out & starting fires in the area. You must report and/or have permits for burning around your property. Calvin also encouraged people to report fires caused by lightning or any fires started by unseen reasons that could save a lot of property if reported early. If you have questions, please call the Florence Fire District office & if it’s an emergency call 911, non-emergency-784-4848.
Charles Phipps, owner of Rainbow Trail Locksmith, says he is also certified to sharpen saws. If you need help to get into your locked car, extra keys for your house, or your saws sharpened, give Charles a call at 719-289-0457.
Joe Raul works & comes out to Fremont County on Thursdays to answer questions or take concerns for Representative Doug Lambourn. He talked about the vote in the House of Representative to have President Obama make transparent what items will be cut from the budget & how much so the work of running the State of Colorado can begin as well as anything from the national side of business to carry forward.
Debbie Bell, Fremont County Commissioner, gave a brief rundown of the tour she was invited to attend. This was the tour of the Beaver Park Water District. It included seeing the water diversion canals, water business offices(Penrose & Beaver Park), Brush Hollow Reservoir, & the work done near the Arkansas River to bring water to the Penrose area to augment the water supply. Debbie gave supportive words & thanks to the Water Boards for their cooperation in working together to meet the water needs of the Penrose area. She said they have doing a super job. She also talked about the area north of the Fremont airport that Florence would like to help develop. This land will be home to a tire manufacturer that will hire over 400 people to work there. The city of Florence hopes to be able to get a grant to help with the development for this land to make it possible for the tire company to come to Fremont County. At the present there is a questionnaire form on the internet & it’s the questionnaire for the Fremont County Master Plan. The county commissioners are encouraging citizens to fill out the forms & get them in either by logging onto the internet or come to the county building & ask for the form, fill it out, & give it back. Do this soon! The address to get the form online is & you should see it on the front page of the county’s website. Debbie also encouraged everyone to come out & support the Fremont County Fair. It’s always fun! The livestock sale will be held on Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 4 pm.
Bill Fleming of the Apostolic Lighthouse Church came to the breakfast. It’s always nice to see him there. He said he is providing home Bible studies for anyone interested. He also starts prayer groups. For more information call Bill at 719-359-1551.
John Warnok representing the Colorado Workforce Center thanked the Cañon City Shopper for sponsoring the small work fair & counseling for the Youth held at Cañon City High School. This helped many young people have a chance to try to get summer jobs & have a way to pay for some of their educational needs. John also put out a plea for any employers that need part-time workers to contact the Colorado Workforce Center in Cañon City for a list of mature people that are ready, willing, & experienced to supplement their income with part-time work. For further information call the Colorado Workforce Center at 719-275-7408.
It was great to Larry Lasha attend the Chamber breakfast. Larry says he’s enjoying his retirement but hasn’t been able to do much fishing lately. Larry has 9 rentals so he keeps busy with the upkeep of those. Larry has already put his name in the list for judging the pies for Apple Day. We’re sure happy to have him involved in Chamber activities & glad he’s remained a member of the chamber.
Joe Seiberlich came out to the Chamber breakfast. He represents Estes-Cox Corp. He talked a little about the permit to test the rockets they manufacture at the plants. These come through the Fremont County & Florence Fire District. Estes-Cox Corp. has been here since 1956 & employs several from our area. They have been manufacturing 2 new products. One of these new products is a radio airplane. There are some radio airplane enthusiasts & several clubs in Fremont County & Colorado. They’ve had several of their competitions here in Fremont County. Nancy Huber who works at Estes-Cox Corp. also came out to the breakfast & passed out the model rockets & flyers for those who had children. Thank you so much, Nancy, Joe, & Estes-Cox Corp. for the gift rockets.
Sam Brubaker representing Holcim Cement Plant gave a small report on how their business is doing. They have sold out 90% of their supplies for this year & hope to have a 70% increase by 2016. They recently hired 4 people & interviewed over 100 people for those 4 positions. They hope business will continue to improve.
Brandon Hyatt of Cañon City Shopper says he can tell we’re in recession feeling times because as he talks to business owners they all seem to report their business has been down. Hopefully things will change really soon. Brandon said if you want to congratulate a 4-H person who did well at the fair or know someone who is starting their college at Pueblo Community College there are opportunities to put in a pleasing ad about those students. For more information call the Cañon City Shopper at 719-275-9131 & ask for Brandon Hyatt.
Rose Lindley, Apple Day Coordinator for Apple Day, gave the names of the 2012 Apple Dumpling King & Queen. The Queen is Mattilyn White & the King is Gavin Eley.
Executive Director Bill McGuire thanked all who came & talked. He also talked about the grand opening at the Neighborhood Market. Welcome to Penrose, Ashley & Robert Hood. He told everyone about the appreciation BBQ held at the Volunteer Fire Department & also about the business of the month for June given to Cañon Marine. All were very successful events. It’s good to see the business community growing in Penrose.
Penrose Chamber of Commerce met at Coyote’s Coffee Den on August 16th for our breakfast meeting. We want to thank Pete & Rhea Mugasis for having us meet on their patio this summer. They always make us feel very welcome. It’s a great summertime meeting place. There were 19 members & guests present.
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce’s Vice President, Pat Lindley, opened up the meeting & had everyone who attended introduce themselves & say something about their business.
Calvin Sunderman, chief of the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, talked about the fire ban that has been lifted but still encourages all citizens to do their part to be careful when using anything that could cause fires, such as grills, equipment in the fields that could make sparks & let fires get started. If you see unattended fires, wildfires, or have questions, call the Fire Department at 911 for emergency & 784-4848 for non-emergency for Florence or 372-3001 for non-emergency in Penrose.
Ron Halderson of the VFW at Penrose came out for the breakfast. He wanted to tell those present about an Essay contest that the VFW is having at the national level. Students will compete all over the country for up to $30,000.00 cash prizes. The contest is sponsored by the voice of Democracy. The students write their theme & record it. If they are accepted & win, they will broadcast these essays. This years theme is “Is Our Constitution Still Relevant?” Prizes & scholarships are awarded at local, district, state, & national levels. If you have children or grandchildren, it is a great opportunity to involve them in the contest. If they win in the Penrose area, our VFW will receive recognition as well as money to keep the scholarship program going. To apply, you can pick up the entry form at the VFW hall on Broadway in Penrose.
We want to welcome Steve Vantine & Jerry Daniels for coming out to breakfast. They have moved here recently from Nebraska. Steve’s business is contracting for the government as a gunsmith. Jerry is a licensed accountant & will be able to take phone orders for Eddie Bower. Jerry says she also knits so if you need any of these services give Jerry a call. Jerry used to work as a stockbroker in Chicago, Illinois. It’s nice to have Steve & Jerry in our community & we welcome them.
Executive Director Bill McGuire gave the announcement that Pioneer Day would be September 15, 2012. The line-up will be at 9:00 am at the John C. Fremont Library. Parade starts at 10 am sharp! All of the Penrose royalty will represent Penrose in the parade.
Bill said the arrangements for the free slice of apple pie that is given away on Apple Day are being made through the Federal Prison, DOC, & Barbara Martin at the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant. The apples will be in the Penrose Chamber of Commerce office to be picked up for baking pies on September 18th located in the Wells Fargo Bank building at 210 Broadway.
George Sugar, County Manager for Fremont County, said for the month of July the sales tax was up some for 2012 5.8 20.11 was 4.5% & that is an indication of some growth in Fremont County.
Rose Lindley (Apple Day Coordinator) & Pat (PCOC Vice-President) was present representing Amsoil. They passed out small screwdrivers to adjust the oil filter. Pat & Rose also have a business called E & R Enterprises. If you need oil changes or other products Pat is selling, call them at 372-6114.
Charles Phipps came out to the breakfast & announced he is getting more equipment for his business & will be able to help people in 2 ways, help them when they’re locked out of their car or help them to sharpen their saws, etc. To reach Charlie, call him at 719-289-0457.
Anne Sterling, representing the Senior Center Club at Penrose, gave a brief description of the fund- raisers being done at the Penrose Senior Center Club. Wednesday nights they have collaborated with the VFW for BINGO night & dinner. The dinner is served at the Senior Center & the BINGO is across the street at the VFW. They are looking forward to having their Senior King & Queen, Pat & Rose Lindley, ride in the Pioneer Day Parade & the Apple Day Parade. On Apple Day the seniors will join with the VFW for the morning breakfast & will be serving pulled pork sandwiches at the Senior Center at 11 am. They will also have a craft sale inside the center & as soon as the Apple Day parade is over, they will start serving pie at the pie tent. The Seniors are planning on selling ice cream for the pie, if you like, for $1.00 a scoop. Anne also thanked the County Commissioners for completing the sale of the Senior Center building to the Penrose Seniors. It’s been a long time coming & now the Senior Center will begin the next era of ownership & protection of the property & having a good place for our older citizens to meet & have social time.
Janet Vansyoc of VIP Storage thanked Commissioner Debbie Bell for all of the time & work she has spent helping the seniors complete their purchase of the Senior building. Janet said she has been cooking there around 6 years & helping with all activities. Janet also said VIP Storage may be sold soon. She & Ron have been members of our Chamber & have helped with several projects the Chamber was involved with. We will be missing them from our community but we wish them well as they move on. Janet wants to be close to her grandkids & great grandkids in Missouri. We will be keeping in touch with Ron to let everyone know who the new owner will be of the storage facility.
Sam Brubaker of Holcim (US) Inc. said Holcim had nearly 40% of their August production filled & August has been the best month so far this year. Brubaker also talked about the Swiss plant & they have had manager changes in their Spain, Utah, & Missouri plants. Their business seems to be growing, according to Sam. Sam is the latest member on the Penrose Chamber of Commerce board.
We’ll be back at Michelle’s Restaurant for the September breakfast, which is September 20th. See you there!
Ione McGuire
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast at Michelle’s Restaurant on September 20, 2012. Thank you for letting us use your conference room for our breakfast meeting, Michelle. We appreciate your friendliness & being able to meet at your establishment.
Pat Lindley recently became the President of the Penrose Chamber. He has been serving as Vice-President for 2 years or more. Elvira Patterson was our president. We want to thank Elvira for her service to our service to our chamber. She had many good ideas & reached out to include other groups & helped to make good decisions for the leadership of our Chamber. Pat introduced himself & began the introductions around the room.
Max Engelhardt, Principal of Penrose Elementary School, talked about the school & they are excited about getting ready for Apple Day. He also said the fun-run will be at the school again.
Doug Shane of the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce gave several events coming in Cañon City. They will have an open house at Main Street Motorcycle, the Handi-Copped ramp at Cañon City Library has been turned around to better serve the citizens coming to the library & the new park area by the Fremont Center for the Arts. Hopefully this will make it easier for those attending the Farmers Market & other events being held. Since Macon Street between 4th & 5th has been closed to make an area for people to walk through the Farmers Market, etc. Doug says there are 20 vans coming right away to go on the Gold Belt Tour. The after hours event will be held at the railroad on October 11, 2012. Doug also invited people to take part in the survey that asks questions about the Broadband services. Contact the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce to get on the internet to answer that survey. Call 275-2331 for the Chamber in Cañon City.
Rose Lindley talked about Apple Day, the Royalty, Apple pies, & that we have the apples in the office for those who want to bake pies for Apple Day for the contest or to bring to the pie tent.
We had Clarise Navarro Ratzlaff & her aide as guests. She’s running for house district 47. She says she stands strong to help small businesses, believes in protecting the safety & water use in the Arkansas Valley area. She has been a teacher & worked at DOC as a Leadership teacher.
Dave Gouveia of Cañon Marine said they have had a busy summer. Now they are putting the boats away for the season & storing their own boat & others for winter. They have business coming in from other places & they work on those boats to get them ready for the summer again.
Charles Phipps of Rainbow Trail Locksmith said he is up & running & able to make keys & help people get into their locked vehicles. He also sharpens saws. If you need any of these services, call Charles at 719-289-0457.
Brandon Hyatt from the Cañon City Shopper says Apple Day is their busiest ads for Penrose. He gave several prices for the different ads but some were contingent on joining with the merchants of Penrose to get the special rates. Please call Brandon/Shopper at 275-9131 to get prices for your ads. Brandon & his wife are looking forward to their son, who will be born soon.
Calvin Sunderman, Fire Chief of the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, was at the breakfast. He brought Mr. Ratkovitch, another fire officer with him. Calvin said they hope to have the new ambulance on display & ready to go on Apple Day. They will have their pancake breakfast, as usual on Apple Day, & will participate as much as possible with the activities going on. They are also going to serve lunch this year. A BIG THANKS goes out to our local volunteers of the Fire. Dept. They truly are committed to protecting our community, as well as helping out in other areas when needed, this being one of the busiest wildfire seasons in Colorado. If you need the Penrose Fire Dept. call 911 only for emergency or dial 784-4848 for other business.
Sam Brubaker, representing Holcim (US) Inc. has recently joined the Penrose Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He will be helping out as needed for Apple Day, as well as coming to the PCOC meetings. Sam told the group the Holcim plant produced an estimated110 tons of cement during the month of August. The plant will close during the month of October to do maintenance around the facility & will reopen in November. Holcim tries to keep the men busy around the plant with the maintenance so they won’t be laid off from work long.
Ron Halerman of Penrose VFW was there & talked about some of their Apple Day plans.
Debbie Bell, County Commissioner, couldn’t be there but George Sugar spoke on her behalf & said she was going to a conference to put in for a grant that will be used for the county.
Sandy Meyer is the representative for her & Gary’s business, Classic Leather Designs. Sandy said they have lived here for 7 years now & even though she is from South Dakota & loves it, she loves living here in Penrose. It’s good to have such good citizens among us. Sandy says she comes when she can & we’re always glad for that. Sandy might be able to get news about library dinners & activities they have. The library is still trying to raise money to enlarge their parking lot.
Marlowe Cassetti of the Sons of Italy gave a report on some of their up & coming events. Their golf tournament will be Oct. 17th at the Sumo Golf Course south of Florence. On Oct. 21st they will have their spaghetti dinner from 11 am until 6 pm at the Florence Elks Club.
Executive Director, Bill McGuire, thanked everyone who came out & told them that Don & Judy Dowd were 2012 Honored Guests. Andy Andrews was selected as our Grand Marshall for the parade, & Pat & Rose Lindley will be the Senior King & Queen for Apple Day. They all attended the Florence Pioneer Day Parade, as well as the Apple Dumplings. Bill was happy everyone spoke first so he didn’t have to.

The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast at Michelle’s Restaurant on October 18, 2012. There were 16 members & guests present. Thank you, Michelle, for allowing us to meet in your cozy conference area. We always enjoy the service.
Mark Crespin, representative of Cañon National Bank, introduced himself & told a little about the community involvement he has been participating in around Florence & Penrose. We were glad to have
Mark come out.
Fremont County Commissioner, Debbie Bell, said they were beginning the county work on the budget planning. Debbie explained there are many areas that have seen shortfalls & one of the greatest departments
hit has been the Sheriff’s Dept. That will be a strategic area they will be working on. Debbie also talked about the Pueblo hearing that is coming up with the County Commissioners along with the Planning & Zoning committee, to lay out the requirements for a propane storage facility on the Industrial Park area, near the Fremont County Airport. There was an increase in sales tax of 5.09% because auto sales have gone up. Debbie also encouraged everyone to go to the book signing of Alisia Braddy on November 11.
Roberta Newton came as a guest & represented the CASA program to help court advocates. This program will be on November 11th at 2 pm at the Abbey. Debbie Bell will be one of the speakers. Alisia Braddy will be signing her book she wrote about being shot & her recovery, which she is still working through. She is donating her proceeds to CASA. If you plan to come, call & make reservations with Paula Jamere at the Abbey. The title of the book is Weaving Threads Together. The cost of the program is $25. Coffee & iced tea will be served. Reservations number is 275-8631.
Sam Brubaker of Holcim (US) Inc. said the Holcim plant will be shut down for normal work until after the first of the year. They have work around the plant & community activities they help out with during their down time. Hopefully they won’t have to lay off anyone. Judy Paxton, office manager of Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, was a guest. We were glad to meet her & anytime you like, Judy, come back!
Chief Calvin Sunderman ,of the Volunteer Fire Department of Penrose, was there. He wanted us to keep our eyes open for any fires, report those, & heed the weather warnings for dry windy days & be very careful of burning. Be sure it is approved! Call the Florence Fire District at 784-4848.
Kaye Widger, representing Habitat for Humanity Restore, said they will be having as a customer appreciation on November 4th 10% off on items bought there. Check it out, they have a variety of building supplies & used appliances. They really are a good place to shop. They’re located at 702 Greenwood Ave.
Cañon City. Their number is 275-7781. Kaye said they will have a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity on March 16th. It will be called “A Rainbow of Tastes” held at the Abbey. This is a dessert tasting event. Mark it on your calendars. This is a good chance to help Habitat for Humanity.
John Warnok, representing Colorado Workforce at Cañon City, gave the announcement they will have a workshop for employers. The event speaker will be Scott Bowers, Risk Management Employment Opportunity, Colorado Dept. of Labor & Employment. Scott will provide a comprehensive overview of the recently released guidance from the US Dept. of Labor. George Sugar, Fremont County Manager, gave the date when the Fremont County budget talks will begin. They are Tuesday, November 13, 2012.
Rose Lindley gave a brief report on Apple Day & said it went well in spite of the weather. Pat Lindley, PCOC President & distributer of Amsoil , offerec advice on storing mowers, tractors, etc. that have sit for a
while. Call Pat for more information at 372-6114.
Bill McGuire, Executive Director of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, gave a rundown of several activities coming up in the community, including the Halloween Costume Parade at the School on
Oct. 31st, in which the Chamber sponsors. Many of the businesses donate candy, too. Several set up tables & offer candy to the kids. See you next month!
Ione McGuire
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met at Michelle’s Restaurant for their monthly breakfast on November 17, 2011. We had 20 guests & members present. Thanks to Michelle & all of her workers for their great service & allowing us to come back through the winter months for our breakfast. PCOC Executive Director Bill McGuire opened up the meeting by asking Ron Vansyoc from VIP Storage to introduce himself & tell a little about his business. Ron has been giving his business a facelift hoping to build the business up somewhat. Good Luck, Ron! For more information call Ron at 719-372-7057.
Brandon Hyatt of the Cañon City Shopper thanked the Penrose Chamber for the ads they’ve placed in the Shopper. We have ads running for our Apple Country Memories, which will be held Friday, December 2,2011 at Coyote’s Coffee Den beginning at 5:30 pm & running until 7:30 pm. Santa will be there to see all of the little tots.
Ann Sterling talked about the chili cook-off they are planning for December 3rd at the Senior Center between 2-5 pm. There will be a craft fair, as well as the cook-off. There will be a charge of $5 per person to taste the chili or have a meal. The Senior Center is still trying to get a grant writer to write for them so they can get a grant to purchase their building from Fremont County. Ann always invites everyone out for their lunches on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The price is $3 a plate but please call ahead to make reservations. For more information or to make reservations, call 719-372-3872.
Juan Rodriquez, Family Carpet Care, was present & told everyone about the kind of floor cleaning they do. For any type of floor care , refresh tile grout, etc., call Juan at 372-6730.
John Warnok, Colorado Workforce, says they work with people trying to find employment in our state & in our area. They hope to help those being challenged trying to make resumes & being confident to meet their future bosses. For any type of work related services, call John at the Colorado Workforce at 719-275-2408.
Pat & Rose Lindley have E & R Enterprises. Rose is also our Apple Day Coordinator. Pat is on the Chamber board serving as Vice President. E & R Enterprises sells Amsoil products, which is a quality synthetic oil. Pat always encourages people to keep their vehicle serviced right by using the proper lubricants for the season. If you would like to try these products, call Pat & Rose at 719-372-6114.
Harry Athey of I.T. Dimensions Inc. was present. He talked about the Penrose Chamber of Commerce website. The website had 460 visitors from many places. If you want your business advertised more, get in touch with Harry & get your business on our website. You can call Misty, our office manager, & she will help you with how to use the website. If you know of businesses that would like to be advertised & aren’t members of the Chamber, encourage them to join the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. As a business they will benefit from the publicity on the website. We also have a calendar page to put all upcoming community activities on & you can change your information as often as you need to. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, call Misty & she will be glad to do it for you. If you have questions or need help from Harry, call him at 719-429-2864.
Max Englehardt, principal of Penrose Elementary School, thanked the Penrose Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the Business candy give-away at the Penrose School. It was very successful & the kids & adults had a wonderful time.
Kaye Widger, Habitat for Humanity Restore, says the Restore does turn a profit on their merchandise. Their donations are by different ways from contractors, stores, & individuals. Their workers are volunteers & the money made is used to build homes for low income families. If you wish to make a donation, call the Habitat for Humanity Restore at 719-275-7781.
Calvin Sunderman, Chief of the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, gave a report. The Fire Department is helping out with a toy drive that is sponsored by Penrose School. Calvin said they have had many runs from September through November. Calvin always makes us aware of the safety side of things here in our community. He said to be very careful if we decide to put our turkeys into the hot oil to cook them. He doesn’t want to go out to burned up barns or garages to pick up the pieces.
Mark Healer, Orchard of Hope Foundation, talked about some of the things they have been doing to provide for those under the siege of cancer. They help wherever money falls short. They pay utilities, rides to treatments for cancer, money for food, and other supplies for people undergoing treatments. Mark gave the announcement for the Gourmet Sampler being planned at the Abbey on January 21, 2012. Put it on the calendar & watch for advertisements. This affair will be held at the Old Sunflower Banquet room. Participants should dress in upscale clothes for a lovely party.
Commissioner Debbie Bell talked about the State and Federal Mandates that are being enforced & taking away from the money our state uses to do the actual business & causing the counties that depend on that help to run everything to short fall. The state takes approximately ½ of the normal operating expenses away from the Sheriff’s Department now & leaves very little for Fremont County to run the jail with meals. The Sheriff’s Department serves over 600 inmates a day & they’re hoping to build the new kitchen soon. This will be over $100,000 improvement at the Fremont jail.
Debbie encourages all that want to express their opinion to do so over the phone, letter, or e-mail, or drop by the office about the art work that has been planned by Jon Claude & the OTR. (Over the River project) They hope to put it up by 2013 or 2014 for 2 weeks in the summer. The County commissioners need input on how you feel & will see if a decision will be made by February or March. They would like to hear from all tax payers how this should go. This is a public opinion poll & they feel you should be heard & listened to.
Congratulations to the new Mayor of Florence, Ron Hinkle. Ron represents Starpoint & can say a few words about Florence as he goes along. Ron says he helped screen 2800 applications for city jobs at Florence. They did their job screening at the Colorado Workforce. The Finance Officer, Martin Duran, will be leaving. They had a farewell potluck dinner for his final day. Now the city of Florence will be looking over the 5 finalists for the position of the finance office at Florence. Ron said SANTA will be in Florence on Saturday, December 12th 9 am until noon. Ron also encourages people to join the Florence Rotary Club. They meet every Thursday for lunch at the Main Street Grill.
Someone wanted to know what the cables we’ve been seeing put in on the highway between Pueblo & Cañon City & other areas of highway in the medium area. Ron Hinkle said it was a communications system wire that C-Dot is putting in.
See you next month,
Ione McGuire
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast at Michelle’s Restaurant on December 20, 2012. There were 10 members and guests present. Thank you, Michelle, for having all of us gather in your cozy conference room. The hot coffee, along with the holiday conversation and coming in from the cold, snowy outside really did give a luster of Christmas spirit to our meeting.
Pat Lindley, President of the Penrose Chamber of Chamber, opened the meeting and thanked all who came and started the introductions right away.
Sam Brubaker of Holcim (US) Inc. said they are looking for business to grow more. It seems as though the economy could be growing.
George Sugars, Fremont County’s Manager, said that Debbie Bell wasn’t able to attend this meeting due to her mother’s ill health. We hope all is better and we welcome Debbie to any of our breakfasts whenever she can come.
Max Engelhardt, Principal of Penrose School, was able to come out. He announced and invited everyone to come out to the Nutcracker play at the school. This is a very successful holiday treat so if you can attend the play, you won’t be sorry. If not this year, maybe next year you can attend. It involves all of the Penrose children who are able to attend and participate. Max thanked all who helped with the toy drive and donations for the gift tree. He thanked everyone who donated food in November for the food baskets. Max talked about how the test scores have been down for a couple of years but they are working to improve the scores for Penrose school across the board. Some subjects were down, while others were better, depending on the subject related to the age groups. Penrose School Staff are always looking to help the students succeed and grow into good citizens. If you wish to help, there are volunteer openings to help with various projects. You can also donate packages of copy paper or money to purchase copy supplies. This helps with the curriculum that is offered by the school and teachers and reaches out to the children.
John Warnok, representing the Colorado Workforce of Fremont County, said the benefits for unemployment will be extended and along with this will be opportunities to apply for jobs, receive training, and have the assessment made into the areas where the unemployed might be able to reach out and get information that will help them get gainful employment. If you know of anyone needing help with employment or trying to get benefits, refer them to the Colorado Workforce, please. If you are an employer and wish to attend any workshops, the Colorado Workforce offers these and they may be beneficial to you and your employees. Contact them by calling 275-7408. John also reminded the group to keep the military men and women and their families in our prayers and support the troops whenever possible.
Anne Sterling, represents the Senior Center, whenever no other seniors come out and she invited all to come out to the VFW Christmas Day dinner, which is offered free to all who come out in the community. Anne is now a gatherer of news from the Penrose community and she has a column in the Florence Citizen. If you have news you want in the paper, tell Anne. She will be glad to take your information. She talked about 2 businesses coming to Penrose. One was a Pet Grooming business. The Penrose Auto & Tire opened on Wednesday, January 9, 2012 where the old video store used to be. Georgie & Roland Smith are the owners. For more information, call them at 372-6255.

Penrose Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bill McGuire closed off the introduction portion of the breakfast. We had the Christmas door prize give-a-way, which always adds to the festivities of the season. All prizes came from local membership-owned businesses this year. Before the drawing of names for the door prizes, Bill thanked all who supported and came out for another festive event. Our community enjoys “Apple Country Memories”. This, as always, was great fun and very successful. Bill invited anyone who would like to come out on January 10, 2013 to the Penrose Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting. You can visit and see how the annual election turns out. All are welcome to attend!
See you next month! Happy New Year!

Penrose Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 379, Penrose, CO 81240

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