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The Penrose Chamber of Commerce gathered for breakfast at the Crossroads Event Center on Feb.17, 2011 for their monthly breakfast. Twenty members & guests were present.
President Elvira Patterson thanked the Florence Chamber of Commerce for the lovely banquet they served at the Crossroads Event Center. We enjoyed the good food & fun we had there.
Elvira asked everyone to introduce themselves.
County Commissioner Debbie Bell was present & talked about how the different committees are working to improve conditions to be more business friendly in the Cañon City & Fremont County area. They’re working on a Business Friendly Bill of Rights. We will hear more about this as it progresses. She invited everyone to attend any of the Sesqu Centennial Events that are happening in Fremont County & take part in it. Bring speakers or musicians to help celebrate 150 years of history in our county.
Harry Athey talked about an internet service that’s offering discounts on 6-12 services. He also spoke about how the Penrose Chamber of Commerce website is growing. He invited everyone to go on the website & advertise their business. The services are free to members of the Penrose Chamber. If you have any news, contact Misty Dawn at 372-3994 & find out how to put your stories on the website. The more information we have about local businesses the better we can serve the community.
Jerome Townsend represented the Colorado Workforce & spoke about the opportunities for youth ages 16-21. He also brought flyers that talked about the Workforce Job Fair the second Saturday of April at the Pueblo Community College at the Fremont Campus. For more information, call the Colorado Workforce at 719-275-7408.
George Sugar, County Manager of Fremont County, talked about the water line the county is going to have to put in for the water use at Pathfinder Park. It’s a continued effort to finish the projects at the park to make it accessible & a great place for all to enjoy.
Anne Sterling, Chairperson of the Penrose Senior/Community Center, gave a report on their bake sale. They’re looking forward to the chili cook-off in March. Please call the Penrose Senior Center for times and prices at 372-3872.
Pat Lindley of E & R Enterprises announced there would be a Home & Garden Show at the Abbey Field House in Cañon City on the 3rd & 4th of March. If you want more information, call Pat at 372-6114 or one of the local Chambers. Penrose-372-3994;Cañon City-275-2331. This is a great chance to see a lot of our business people & see what they have to offer to improve our properties & jump start us back to Spring.
It was great to see Juan Rodriguez join us for breakfast. Welcome back to our Chamber of Commerce, Juan. Juan & his family own Family Carpet Care & keeps busy with all kinds of floor & carpet upkeep. If you have a need for carpet cleaning services, please give Juan a call at 372-6730 or 429-1105.
Cañon City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Doug Shane offered info about the Wall Dogs that are coming to Cañon City to paint murals on some of the building sides & also at the Skyline roadway. This activity sounds exciting. Call the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce to find out when these activities will take place. You can also go to Cañon City Chamber website & watch for the reader board their Chamber is having installed. This will be a 4 X 8 foot board that will keep the activities & events current for the community & travelers going through. Doug gave a good word about several businesses that is coming to Cañon City.
Nick Carochi, Principal of Penrose Elementary School, gave the announcement that 20% of the children were having sicknesses & staying home. They are working on the new sound system for the Penrose school gym. They will have a place for large groups to reserve for their events & it will help the local school.
Ina Finch from Indian Springs Camp-ground came & talked about the improvements they’re doing.
Thanks to the Pickart’s (Jim & Kathy) for letting us meet at the Crossroads for our monthly breakfast.


The Penrose Chamber of Commerce had their monthly breakfast this year on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, at the Crossroads Event Center. We want to thank Pick & his crew for the work they do for our breakfast. There was talk of trying to work on a flea market with the Florence Chamber & using the Crossroads Event Center as a set-up spot. Crossroads would make a nice place for it.
We had 14 at the breakfast. Elvira was unable to attend due to work. Bill & Ione were absent due to illness. Pat Lindley, Vice President of the Penrose Chamber, ran the meeting. Introductions were made around the table. Everyone gave a brief description of what they do in their business.
Guest Larry Baker, who is on the Florence Chamber board & the Florence Council board, joined us. We want to welcome him.
Shane Allen will be attending as a representative of Holcim. He lives in Penrose & it’s easier for him to attend than Dan Bennett. Dan comes from Colorado Springs.
Brandon Hyait reported on the Shopper & the future plans. The car delivery has been discontinued. The Shopper will be delivered in the mail. They are hoping to expand coverage to include Pueblo West in the future. He said they had received positive reports on the mail delivery.
There will be a job fair at the PCC campus April 2, 2011. everyone is welcome to participate.

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The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast on April 21, 2011 at the Crossroads Event Center. Thanks to Jim & Kathy for letting us have our breakfast there. There were 20 members & guests present.
Elvira Patterson, PCOC’s President asked everyone to introduce themselves & talk about their business. She welcomed everyone there.
Janet Vansyoc filled in for Ann Sterling for the Senior Center. The seniors will hold a garage sale on April 30th. Their Easter bonnet parade will be April 21st. They will have a spaghetti dinner in May sometime. The date hasn’t been set yet. The cost will be $5 per person. To rent the senior center out, call 372-3872.
Joe Sieberlich came from Estes-Cox Model Rocket Industries. He said he sure enjoyed the breakfast here & enjoys keeping up with the activities in Penrose.
Pat Lindley spoke about Amsoil Products. He sells their products. If anyone has questions about the products, call Pat at 372-6114.
It was good to see Ina Finch at the breakfast representing Indian Springs Campground. She invited everyone out to see the new changes that have taken place there. If you’re looking for a place to camp, swim, etc, give Ina a call at 372-3907.
Shane Allen represented Holcim Cement Plant & gave a report about the tire drive they have had for several years. Shane reported around 4, 000 tires were collected. Shane gave the whole process on what happens to the tires they collect. He also reported they were running at 50% of their normal output, but as the economy improves, they pick up in their business.
Nick Carochi, Principal of Penrose Elementary school, gave a report on some of the cuts they will be having at the school in 2011-2012 school year. There are 2 positions that will be strongly affected, counseling & music. They will be cut 1/2 time at Penrose school. Enrollment falls every year so it is challenging to keep some positions going but Penrose school keeps all of the basic classes. They follow the Federal guidelines to keep children at good learning levels & are always aware of any safety issues. He also spoke about the Florence High School & all the repairs they need to do there. They are in litigation to have the repairs done.
Mark Haler, Development Director for Orchard of Hope Foundations, came out to our breakfast. They are the newest member of the Chamber. He wants to get more people involve in the Orchard of Hope organization from Penrose. For more information, call Mark at 275-0089. They have a lot of fund raisers throughout the summer.
Kay Widger represented Habitat for Humanity at the breakfast. They are running ads now for their Anniversary . They can always use volunteers. For more information, call Habitat for Humanity Restore at 275-1787 or Habitat for Humanity Fremont County at 275-7781.
Paul Maye of the East Fremont County Alliance has been attending several meetings for the Fremont County Development. He is observing what their goals & strategies are & the top 5 priorities they want to being before the Governor in behalf of the Penrose area. He said possibilities could be push for the areas of energy that work with sunshine, wind, & the hydroelectric plant, which will employ people from Penrose & other people from Fremont Co.
John Warnok, from the Colorado Workforce, spoke about the effort the Workforce is putting out at the present time for the youth to be employed for the summer. If you are an Employer or know of a youth looking for work, call the Colorado Workforce at 275-7408.
Jim Pickart wanted everyone to know about their summer activities coming here at the Crossroads Event Center. They will be having Friday night dinners in their dining room. Check their schedules & watch for announcements in the local newspapers. Be sure to check the Crossroads website & the Penrose Chamber of Commerce website for updates.
PCOC Executive Director, Bill McGuire, gave a brief report for many things going on in Penrose & Fremont County, including Bonfil’s Blood Drive on April 22nd. He said Apple Dumpling King & Queen will be in the Blossom Parade in May. Their competition for a new King & Queen will be June 25th from 2-4 pm at the Penrose Elementary School. The Flea market will begin the 1st Saturday of May.
The last show of the season for the Cañon Rose Acoustic Society will be May 14th with Fireweed as the feature act. The first weekend in June is the Pueblo Bluegrass Festival. The second weekend in June is the Colorado Country Music Association’s 12th Annual State-wide talent competition. This year Las Animas will be the host.
Our next PCOC breakfast will be at Coyote’s Coffee Den on May 19th here in Penrose.
See you next month,
Ione McGuire



The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met at the Coyote’s Coffee Den for breakfast May 19, 2011. There were 31 guests and members present. An enjoyable time was had by all in spite of the chilly start. A big Thank You to Pete & Rhea Mugasis for allowing us to have our summer breakfast there on the lovely patio. The line-up of the tables was greatly appreciated, too.
Elvira Patterson, Chamber President & representative of Cañon National Bank introduced herself & thanked everyone for coming out. She then turned the introductions to those present by encouraging them to speak about their business & organizations.
Steve Smith, Director of D.O.C., has been accepted to sit on the Planning & Zoning board of Fremont County. He wants to set up a tour for our chamber to visit sometime in the future & show us what the inmates raise & process within the Department facility. They have a list of food items that can be purchased from them at competitive prices.
John Warnok represented the Colorado Workforce. He said they are receiving more job postings now for job offerings. John reiterated on the youth program, which for employers to find out what they need to know & encourage youth from Fremont County to apply for those summer jobs. There are posters around the businesses to let them know when & where. Thursday, June 21st at the UAACOG Building will be a meeting. For more information, call 275-7408.
We want to welcome Marlowe Scutti, representative of the Sons of Italy of Fremont County, as a new member. He spoke about the fundraisers they have to benefit various needs. They hope to have a spaghetti dinner to be announced & they have a vendor-ship at Blossom Day & sell “grinders”. They are looking forward to having a scholarship program in the future.
Charlie Phipps talked a little about his locksmith business. He says it is growing. He is getting more customers. If you need a locksmith, call Charlie at Rainbow Trail at 289-0457.
Larry Baker (newly appointed to Fremont County Planning & Zoning) spoke on behalf of the Florence Chamber of Commerce. He announced that Highway 115 going through Florence & to the North is now open & Florence is very accessible for those wishing to visit & do business in the Florence community. Larry also said the Price Museum is open & they have been remodeling & fixing up the museum over the winter. They are looking forward to a good season coming up. Get out & go see the museum with all of the 150 years in Fremont County. This is a good time to take your families & let them see where & how things were done “way back when.” Thank you, Larry Baker, for your time spent at our chamber. He also talked about the Florence Appreciation BBQ that is held annually. This year it will be held on June 4th at 10 am at the Pioneer Park in Florence. This is a good BBQ. If you’ve never been it is a good time to get out & meet others in the community of Florence. For more information, call the Florence Chamber of Commerce at 784-3544 or go on the website.
Anne Sterling of Penrose Senior/Community Center announced that June 10th in the evening there will be a spaghetti dinner there for $5 per person. They will have carry-out for those wishing to take it home to eat. For more information, call 372-3872.
Harry Athey of I.T. Dimensions talked somewhat about his business & how your business can benefit from being listed on the website. He also encouraged everyone from Penrose & surrounding areas to check out the Penrose Chamber of Commerce website at Harry told the group there has already been over 675 hits this last month & it is growing. He saw some from as far away as Chile, South America. If you wish to advertise on our website, contact the Penrose Chamber of Commerce office at 7190372-3994. For more information on what’s happening with I.T. Dimensions, call 719-429-2864.
Joe Sieberlich of Estes-Cox Corp. said the Estes-Cox Corp. is expanding their factory by setting up to make remote control airplanes & other remote air toys. By doing this they are looking forward to being able to create more jobs.
Pete Mugasis said that Coyote’s Coffee Den will begin their summer concerts. These will go on throughout the summer every Saturday evening at Penrose Coyote’s Coffee Den beginning June 4th. The concerts will be from 6:30 pm- 8:00 pm. Concerts are free! Meals are served throughout the evening. Tips for the musicians are appreciated.
Calvin Sunderman of Penrose Volunteer Fire Dept. said the ban on burning was lifted due to the rains this last week in Fremont County, but he also cautioned because wind seems to dry out every fuel (grasses & trees) , to take every precaution to prevent fires getting out of hand. If you have questions, contact the Penrose Volunteer Fire Dept. at 719-372-3001. We were very glad Calvin brought his son by, he’s always welcome. We enjoy seeing the youth in our community.
We will be meeting next month back at Coyote’s Coffee Den.



The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for their monthly breakfast at Coyote’s Coffee Den on June 16th in Penrose. A big coyote howl of thanks goes to Pete & Rhea Mugasis for letting the Chamber come & sit on their patio for the meeting & enjoy the good coffee & breakfast while the meeting is going on.
George Sugars, Fremont County Manager, said that sales tax was up 2% from last year at the same period of time. The County is watching the budget very close, but seems to be keeping on target with their construction use, which is down 4%.
Janet Vansyoc, representing the Senior/Community Center, gave a report about some of their activities. The Spaghetti dinner was a success, as well as the dinner sales they hold at the center. They prepared 38 carry out meals. Black Hills Energy is carrying out an evaluation of their electrical usage at the Senior Center to see if there is a way they can get a better rate. Janet thanked the county for providing the insurance for the building.
Ron Vansyoc of VIP Storage said he has been busy trying to keep the weeds down at his place.
Charlie Phipps says he gets 2 or 3 calls for a locksmith help every other month. Charlie owns the Rainbow Trail Locksmith. He is licensed & bonded so if you ever need a locksmith, his phone number is 719-289-0457.
Paul Maye of the East Fremont County Alliance said all is going well on the Western front at the present. Paul prepared the papers for Governor Hickenlooper’s plan to help the counties in the state. We hope to get help with solar wind & possible get the hydro electric plant out here. These are all possible sources of renewable energy.
Ina Finch of Indian Springs Campground said their getting off to a good start. They have had several geology students & professors come & stay with their colleges backing them. This is such a rich area for geology studies. One of the latest projects that they had at the campground has been refurbishing their swimming pool. They have that open over the summer months. Ina said if anyone wants to come out as a group to camp, swim, or use the building they have for meals or programs, they can call them at Indian Springs Campground at 372-3907 & make arrangements.
Over the Blossom Day Festival, Cañon City Chamber of Commerce had their Texas Hold Em. This year they had 80 players. This was reported by Doug Shane, Cañon City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.
The representative for the Sons of Italy said on July 9th that the Shadow Hills Golf Course will have their 1st golf tournament. The cost will be $300 per team or pay $75 to be put into a team & there are $100 application forms for business sponsorship. Contact the Sons of Italy for more information at 269-3519. The proceeds for this tournament go to the Orchard of Hope.
Pete Mugasis, owner of Coyote’s Coffee Den, said they will have Big Jim Adams & John Stilway to perform at Coyote’s Coffee Den in Penrose on the patio this Saturday, June 18th. There are about 14 more performers & groups coming out. Pete will have a concert every Saturday night until the beginning of September. Keep your eyes open for the info in the newspapers & on their sign by their business.
Joe Rall, Doug Lamborne’s aide of District #5 Congressman, said that Congressional District #5 was just El Paso & Douglas County, but there is a possibility that there are 12 counties in District #5. They will be going to court to decide that. Fremont County has 3 representatives at the present time.
Commissioner Debbie Bell gave a report on several activities going on at the present that is affecting Fremont County. The Fremont County Commissioners enacted a fire ban across the county. There have been over 300 people evacuated from their homes. Those from Custer County went to Westcliffe School, those Fremont County went to Cotopaxi School, & some were helped out by family. Fremont Airport and personnel helped with the planes filling for slurry & possible water drops over the fires in our county & some others.
The Pathfinder Park at the time of the breakfast was still able to have horses, but the day of the breakfast as soon as Debbie Bell got back to the County building Pathfinder as well as many other arenas were put on an equine quarantine for Equine Herpes that affect the horses mouth. This is very contagious & some horses won’t or can’t eat & sometimes die from it.
Debbie encourages people to come in & vote if you want the county to operate the same hours they have this year or go back to having Fridays open once again. If you want to vote, drop by the courthouse on Macon Ave. & ask for a ballot at the clerk’s office.
Chuck Lake & Kaye Widger both represented the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Kaye said the Restore has been in operation one year now & there is a sign on 9th Street to direct you over to their business now. Chuck said they are open Tuesday- Friday & are able to take donations of furniture & building supplies. If you need to buy any of the items, you might try Habitat Restore first. Their address is P.O. Box 149 Cañon City, Co 81212. Their phone # is 275-7781.
Pat & Rose Lindley have E & R Enterprises. Pat sells the Amsoil Products & can tell you all about how they will help you get better performance from your vehicle by using these products. Call Pat at 372-6114.
Rose Lindley, our Apple Day Coordinator, brought a guest, Heather Tippit. Heather announced when the Apple Dumpling contest would take place. It will be at 1 pm at the Penrose School on June 25th. Heather said they have been doing fundraisers all summer.
Heather is the Chairperson for the Apple Dumpling committee.
Sonnie Meirhage represented Credit Card Care Company that works with businessesto have credit card service for their companies. This service is at Central Payment at 719-371-0552.
We were glad to have Sylvia Hooper come to represent the YMCA Effort. She invited everyone over to the Penrose Library at 4 pm for a presentation on what the YMCA is, it’s past, & the future of it.
Historian Sherry Johns said there were 2 up & coming programs representing 150 years in Fremont County. There will be a program talk about the town of Buckskin Joe on the 3rd Sunday in July at the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church. On August 19th the Penrose Library will be having a change of history exhibit. This will be on Friday night. Come & enjoy fun program & food.
Executive Director of PCOC, Bill McGuire, announced the community blood drive put on by Bonfils June 24th from 2 until 6 pm. They will be in their bus on the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot. He also announced the Apple Dumpling Pageant. Time & dates are still pending for Appreciation day for the Penrose Chamber members. This will be in conjunction with the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department. Bill suggested everyone come by the Wells Fargo Bank entrance & pick up a nomination form for Senior King & Queen & Honored Guest.
President of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, Elvira Patterson, thanked all who came for the breakfast.
See ya next month!
Ione McGuire



The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for their monthly breakfast at Michelle’s Restaurant in Penrose on September 15, 2011. There were 28 members & guests present. A big thank you to Michelle for allowing us to have our breakfast there. You & your staff have always made us feel very welcome.
Our President, Elvira Patterson, thanked all who came out & asked everyone there to introduce themselves.
Brandon Hyatt invited anyone who needed to put in advertisement into the Cañon City Shopper this month they have several sales going on. They have ads from $75 to $150. If you’re interested, call the Shopper at 275-9131.
Anne Sterling, representing the Penrose Senior/Community Center, announced their fund-raising breakfast for Saturday, Sept. 17th. She said they didn’t realize when they planned the breakfast it was on the same day as the Pioneer Day Parade in Florence. She invited everyone to come out who could make it. They will be working with the VFW later for a Chili Cook-Off & dance.
Charles Phipps was there for the breakfast. He is slowly building his business. He is able to make keys & help people who get locked out of their vehicles. If you need his service call Charles at 289-0457.
We wish to thank Reid Pollard for coming out to the PCOC breakfast. He is the branch manager of Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust. He doesn’t get to come too often but we’re always happy to see him. Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust has always been very supportive of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce for many years.
Paul Mayes of the East Fremont Alliance had pictures & an interesting article of his neighbors near by. They were two young women who are National Jr. Olympians. Their younger sister won the Top Cross Country Award. It is really inspiring to know we have so many talented people who live here in Fremont County. Paul keeps us up to date on different meetings he attends to help plan for Fremont County. His main interest is the Master Plan to make East Fremont County a good place to live & do business in. Paul said the County Commissioners will be having a planning meeting on October 4, 2011.
Max Englehardt, principal of Penrose Elementary School, is looking forward to Apple Day & told us they have already had a float meeting for their different grades of children. The children get very excited about working on the floats. Of course, without the leadership of the Principal, Teachers, & Parents, they wouldn’t have the fun they do on Apple Day.
George Sugars relayed a message from Debbie Bell. She has been recovering from an appendectomy & hasn’t been able to come out to the breakfast. We hope she is doing great & I know we will see her on Apple Day. She has been chosen as our Parade Marshall.
Rose Lindley, our Apple Day Coordinator, said she & Misty have been making the assignments for the vendor spaces & have been mapping out the location. It’s only a short time before Apple Day so it’s a busy season.
Pat Lindley says he’s busy with many different activities but if anyone needs to order high quality synthetic oil products to contact him at 372-6114.
Doug Shane talked about the visionary meeting for Penrose, Florence, & Cañon City & what our communities might look like in the future, possibly 15-20 years from now. Many various sides of our lifestyle will be affected. He also spoke about the beginning of the construction for the Jack-In-The-Box Restaurant. Our Chamber of Commerce can arrange to have banners for Apple Day put up at the Cañon City location if we get them ordered in time. Doug usually has a rundown of the current activities at Cañon City. If you need more details, check out the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce website.
Harry Athey representing his business, I.T. Dimensions, Inc. encouraged businesses to turn in any business news about their companies to the Penrose Chamber of Commerce website. The website is growing & can be used for your advertisements & articles of interest that you have. If you’re a member the advertising is free. Harry said they have found a new location for the web cam. It will be able to show the area around hwy. 115 at Penrose from the big rocking chair at the Apple Shed. This will also be used to give the weather at Penrose. If you need information about how to put your information on the Penrose Chamber of Commerce website call Misty Dawn at 372-3994 or get on the internet at
Kay Widger & Chuck Lake came out from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. They announced that if anyone would be able to volunteer at the store they have 2 hours a week openings. They also announced that they now have capability to make pick-ups for any donations that are items they can sell at the Restore. To order free pick-up of your donated items, please call the Habitat Restore at 719-275-1787.
Ron Hinkle, Executive Director of Star Point, talked about the Rim to Rim 5K race they have as a fundraiser for Star Point. Last year they had 17 runners in the event. If you want to join in the race or take part with the activities please give them a call. The race will be on October 1, 2011. Ron also announced Pioneer Day Parade & all of the activities to celebrate 150 years of Fremont County & encouraged all to come out on Oct.14th & 15th for the Eureka Days bar-b-q cook-off. Ron Meyer will tape the Rim to Rim Race on Channel 19.
Bill Fleming of the Apostolic Light House Church came out to the breakfast. They are our newest members. Welcome to the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, Bill. If you want more info on the Apostolic Lighthouse Church, please call 719-359-1551.
Joe Sieberlich, representing Estes- Cox Industries, announced they are beginning the manufacturing of hobby airplanes & helicopters. These are the kind that the hobbyists fly with remote control. It’s great that they can expand their business & keep people working.
Elvira again thanked everyone for coming out & invited all to attend Apple Day at Penrose. Our Executive Director, Bill McGuire, gave a rundown of all of the activities coming up around the Apple Day event. He also invited all to come out for the Florence Parade on Pioneer Day. Bill will be asking for volunteers for the street lining Friday afternoon on September 30th to prepare for our Apple Day vendors on Broadway. After the parade the volunteers are always welcome to help clean up the street. The Federal Prison’s Culinary Arts class & the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant will be baking around 60 pies & 20 cobblers for the free slice of apple pie.
The Seniors announced they will be selling a scoop of ice cream to go on the free slice of pie so go on over & make your pie ala mode.
See You Next Month,
Ione McGuire


The PCOC met for breakfast at Michelle’s Restaurant on October 20, 2011. Thank you, Michelle & Staff for making all of us & our guests welcome. There were 26 of us altogether.
Ron Vansyoc of VIP Storage gave us a good start up by welcoming all who were present & encouraging the introductions of all who came. Ron says his business is a little slow, but knows it will pick up as people start moving into our area.
Max Englehardt, Principal of Penrose Elementary School, had fun over Apple Day celebration. Not only did they ride on the floats, but they also had the Fun Run at the school. The Fun Run is always a big hit with kids & parents. Max said he feels very welcome in the community. He talked about the Halloween candy give away. That will happen October 31, 2011 at the Penrose Elementary School gym between 2 & 3 pm.
Pat & Rose Lindley own E & R Enterprises. Pat sells Amsoil Products. He encourages people to call him about the difference this products makes with your gas mileage. For more information, call Pat at 372-6114.
Harry Athey of I.T. Dimensions says his business is growing. He is working with the Pueblo School District & their computer system. Harry gave us a rundown of the number of hits our website is getting these days. If you’re interested in being advertised on the Chamber website, call Misty at 372-3994. Remember our members get free advertising. If you have an event that you would like to have on our Chamber calendar, this is free to the public. Don’t forget to check it out,
County Commissioner Debbie Bell thanked the Penrose Chamber for asking her to be the Grand Marshall of the Apple Day Parade. Debbie said the County is working on the 2012 budget now. Fremont County will keep the 4 day week schedule. The property values in Fremont County are lower now. Fremont County hopes to keep businesses coming into our area. They’re trying to make it easier for new companies to get permits to build.
Charles Phipps said his business is receiving more calls. He has the new locksmith service, Rainbow Trail
If you have a need for a locksmith, call Charles at 719-289-0457.
Bill Fleming of the Apostolic Church was at the breakfast & passed out prayer cards. If you have prayer request, you can call Bill at 359-1551.
Joe Seiberlich represented Estes-Cox Model Rocket Plant at our breakfast. It’s always great to see him there.
Marlowe Casetti represents the Sons of Italy. He reported their spaghetti dinner on October 2nd turned out well. They were able to put $800 into their scholarship fund. This was their last dinner for 2011 but watch for the spring & fall dinners in 2012.
County Commissioner Ed Nordan said the Sheriff Dept. has requested 1 million dollars to operate the jail & make improvements in the kitchen at the jail. At the present time they are housing 200 inmates a day. The County Commissioners are trying to have Broadband Services upgraded to reach into the rural areas. Ed & Debbie have been taking part in the planning of the Search & Rescue program. Ed complimented Sherry Johns for her part in the 150 years for Fremont County on the Heritage Committee.
Ron Hinkle gave the report for the Rim to Rim Race that is held at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. They had over 276 participants & raised over $10,000.00. The proceeds will go to serve the Starpoint program for the different needs of their clients. They always have this the same day as Apple Day. Their next one will be October 6, 2012. He also reported on the Kick In The Butte Bar B Q that was held recently in Florence. This was their 3rd Annual event. Ron also said due to a fire the Main Street Grill in Florence is closed.
We were very excited to see Laurie Shawb & Beth Fraley from ABL Development in Florence at our breakfast. All of their products are natural & safe to the environment products. They have been well tested over the years. They have a sister who helped then get started, as well as their dad & mom, Wendell & Dawn Hall. The name of their products are Kookaburra Products. For more information call them at 784-2206. They are shipping their products as far as Europe, excluding England.
The Seniors have meals every Tuesday & Thursday. You can get a very nutritional meal for $3.00. For more information, call the Seniors at 372-3872. Janet Vansyoc does a lot of work at the Senior Center, as well.
Dale Johns said he has been noticing that Realtors have started picking up again. Dale is a CPA, as well as a Realtor. He recently moved his office to his home on 4th Street. He works as a Realtor with Prime Realty. For more information, call Dale at 372-6729.
Sherry Johns said she would be leaving the Heritage Committee soon. She has books to write & many other interest at heart to take care of. She enjoyed being on the committee, but has too many other irons in the fire right now. If you have any questions about the history of Penrose, Florence, Cañon City, or the surrounding areas, call her. I promise she will have the answer. Her cell phone number is 371-0405. Sherry said the Fremont County Building is 50 years old, too.
Ione McGuire
Ps. Hope to see you at the next breakfast


The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met at Michelle’s Restaurant for their monthly breakfast on November 17, 2011. We had 20 guests & members present. Thanks to Michelle & all of her workers for their great service & allowing us to come back through the winter months for our breakfast. PCOC Executive Director Bill McGuire opened up the meeting by asking Ron Vansyoc from VIP Storage to introduce himself & tell a little about his business. Ron has been giving his business a facelift hoping to build the business up somewhat. Good Luck, Ron! For more information call Ron at 719-372-7057.
Brandon Hyatt of the Cañon City Shopper thanked the Penrose Chamber for the ads they’ve placed in the Shopper. We have ads running for our Apple Country Memories, which will be held Friday, December 2,2011 at Coyote’s Coffee Den beginning at 5:30 pm & running until 7:30 pm. Santa will be there to see all of the little tots.
Ann Sterling talked about the chili cook-off they are planning for December 3rd at the Senior Center between 2-5 pm. There will be a craft fair, as well as the cook-off. There will be a charge of $5 per person to taste the chili or have a meal. The Senior Center is still trying to get a grant writer to write for them so they can get a grant to purchase their building from Fremont County. Ann always invites everyone out for their lunches on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The price is $3 a plate but please call ahead to make reservations. For more information or to make reservations, call 719-372-3872.
Juan Rodriquez, Family Carpet Care, was present & told everyone about the kind of floor cleaning they do. For any type of floor care , refresh tile grout, etc., call Juan at 372-6730.
John Warnok, Colorado Workforce, says they work with people trying to find employment in our state & in our area. They hope to help those being challenged trying to make resumes & being confident to meet their future bosses. For any type of work related services, call John at the Colorado Workforce at 719-275-2408.
Pat & Rose Lindley have E & R Enterprises. Rose is also our Apple Day Coordinator. Pat is on the Chamber board serving as Vice President. E & R Enterprises sells Amsoil products, which is a quality synthetic oil. Pat always encourages people to keep their vehicle serviced right by using the proper lubricants for the season. If you would like to try these products, call Pat & Rose at 719-372-6114.
Harry Athey of I.T. Dimensions Inc. was present. He talked about the Penrose Chamber of Commerce website. The website had 460 visitors from many places. If you want your business advertised more, get in touch with Harry & get your business on our website. You can call Misty, our office manager, & she will help you with how to use the website. If you know of businesses that would like to be advertised & aren’t members of the Chamber, encourage them to join the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. As a business they will benefit from the publicity on the website. We also have a calendar page to put all upcoming community activities on & you can change your information as often as you need to. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, call Misty & she will be glad to do it for you. If you have questions or need help from Harry, call him at 719-429-2864.
Max Englehardt, principal of Penrose Elementary School, thanked the Penrose Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the Business candy give-away at the Penrose School. It was very successful & the kids & adults had a wonderful time.
Kaye Widger, Habitat for Humanity Restore, says the Restore does turn a profit on their merchandise. Their donations are by different ways from contractors, stores, & individuals. Their workers are volunteers & the money made is used to build homes for low income families. If you wish to make a donation, call the Habitat for Humanity Restore at 719-275-7781.
Calvin Sunderman, Chief of the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, gave a report. The Fire Department is helping out with a toy drive that is sponsored by Penrose School. Calvin said they have had many runs from September through November. Calvin always makes us aware of the safety side of things here in our community. He said to be very careful if we decide to put our turkeys into the hot oil to cook them. He doesn’t want to go out to burned up barns or garages to pick up the pieces.
Mark Healer, Orchard of Hope Foundation, talked about some of the things they have been doing to provide for those under the siege of cancer. They help wherever money falls short. They pay utilities, rides to treatments for cancer, money for food, and other supplies for people undergoing treatments. Mark gave the announcement for the Gourmet Sampler being planned at the Abbey on January 21, 2012. Put it on the calendar & watch for advertisements. This affair will be held at the Old Sunflower Banquet room. Participants should dress in upscale clothes for a lovely party.
Commissioner Debbie Bell talked about the State and Federal Mandates that are being enforced & taking away from the money our state uses to do the actual business & causing the counties that depend on that help to run everything to short fall. The state takes approximately ½ of the normal operating expenses away from the Sheriff’s Department now & leaves very little for Fremont County to run the jail with meals. The Sheriff’s Department serves over 600 inmates a day & they’re hoping to build the new kitchen soon. This will be over $100,000 improvement at the Fremont jail.
 Debbie encourages all that want to express their opinion to do so over the phone, letter, or e-mail, or drop by the office about the art work that has been planned by Jon Claude & the OTR. (Over the River project) They hope to put it up by 2013 or 2014 for 2 weeks in the summer. The County commissioners need input on how you feel & will see if a decision will be made by February or March. They would like to hear from all tax payers how this should go. This is a public opinion poll & they feel you should be heard & listened to.
Congratulations to the new Mayor of Florence, Ron Hinkle. Ron represents Starpoint & can say a few words about Florence as he goes along. Ron says he helped screen 2800 applications for city jobs at Florence. They did their job screening at the Colorado Workforce. The Finance Officer, Martin Duran, will be leaving. They had a farewell potluck dinner for his final day. Now the city of Florence will be looking over the 5 finalists for the position of the finance office at Florence. Ron said SANTA will be in Florence on Saturday, December 12th 9 am until noon. Ron also encourages people to join the Florence Rotary Club. They meet every Thursday for lunch at the Main Street Grill.
Someone wanted to know what the cables we’ve been seeing put in on the highway between Pueblo & Cañon City & other areas of highway in the medium area. Ron Hinkle said it was a communications system wire that C-Dot is putting in.
See you next month,
Ione McGuire


The December breakfast for the Penrose Chamber of Commerce was held on December 17, 2011 at Michelle’s Restaurant. We want to thank Michelle & all of her workers for our service & having our chamber to her establishment. A fun time was had by all who came. There were 23 people present.
Elvira Patterson, President of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, thanked everyone for coming out on such a cold morning. Elvira suggested we have the drawing first for the door prizes, which has become such a tradition for the breakfast in December since it is close to Christmas & adds to the festivities. There were many items to choose from. The grand prize was a set of Christmas dishes. The Chamber board wants to thank Pat Lindley for his contribution for buying the gifts. Elvira had to leave early to attend another meeting but she got the group all ready for the introductions. We were glad to see Elvira there.
Joe Seiberlich, representing Estes-Cox Corp. was there & wished all a Happy Holiday. Joe said if we know of a club, school, or any group that would be interested in learning more about the model rockets they make, they have people to go out & display the rocketry. Just give them a call at 719-372-6565.
Pat Mitchell is a distributor of Send Out Cards & has recently joined the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. She attended our breakfast & shared that she gets to work from home. If you’re interested in learning more about her business, call Pat at 372-3420.
Marlowe Casetti, a member of the Sons of Italy, talked about their spaghetti dinner & how the money is used for scholarships. He also told about the Sons of Italy Christmas party they were getting ready for. The Sons of Italy got 2nd place in the floats at the Florence Pioneer Day parade.
Bill Fleming from the Apostolic Lighthouse Church gave a brief talk about a man that even though he had hard times at first, he became a strong business man & his company became one of the most widely known businesses in the United States. This man had a strong faith in God & stayed close to the teachings of his faith. We all know him as JC Penney.
Doug Shane, Executive Director of the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, came to our breakfast & gave several announcements. He said that Cañon City is working on the Roundabout plans for 6th & Hwy. 50. This is thought to bring more people into the main street & help the businesses there. He said Santa was coming to the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce on December 17th from 12 until 3 pm.
Joe Rall said the house passed their version of the budget, but it would have to go before the Senate before it moved on. Joe is Doug Lamborn’s liaison in our county & is the person to talk to when they have the one on one town hall meetings. You can go online to find out dates & times.
John Warnok of the Colorado Workforce in Cañon City said the two companies that uses the Workforce training programs the most are Portec & Holcim Cement. The Workforce is offering Youth mentorship training. These are 3 week programs. If you need help with finding work or know someone who needs training to be ready for work, please call the Workforce at 719-275-7408.
George Sugars, Fremont County Manager, came out for the breakfast. He encouraged everyone to voice their opinion about the Over the River project. The county needs to know how the people feels. You can drop by the office, call, e-mail, etc. There are town hall meetings at Cotapaxi at 5 pm on February 1st & Cañon City County building lower level 9:00-9:30. The Fremont County Planning & Zoning needs comments now.
Max Englehardt, principal of the Penrose Elementary School, told about If you go there to buy supplies a portion of the money goes to Penrose school.. He also reported the Nutcracker Program was a huge success. Max gave credit to the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department for $1,000 donation for toys & gifts for underprivileged children.
Bill McGuire, Executive Director of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, announced the Chamber Annual meeting would be January 12th. He also announced the Annual Banquet will be February 6th at the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant. We’re accepting nominations for citizen of the year. We have applications in the lobby at the Wells Fargo Bank.
Janet Vansyoc, representing the Seniors, said the Seniors were able to contribute to 15 children who are under-privileged. Their names were provided by the Penrose School. Janet also announced the VFW will serve a community dinner on Christmas day. It will be free for those who attend.
Teresa Ludwig of Wilson’s Shop talked about the services they can offer. For more information, call Teresa at 372-6197. Teresa brought a guest with her. His name is Brian Reed. Brian works for them but still finds time to work for the Equine Horse Therapy Program. Brian talked about how beneficial the Equine Horse Therapy has been for the disabled people of all levels.
Among our guests was Darlene & Rudl Mergelman. They were representing the Florence Chamber of Commerce. It was great to see the Florence Chamber of Commerce people out.
See you next month,  
Ione McGuire

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