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The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast on December 16, 2010 at the Crossroads Event Center. We were greeted warmly by Jim & Kathy Pickart. Thank you for inviting us to your business for our monthly breakfast & supporting the Penrose Chamber of Commerce through membership.
Our President, Elvira Patterson, opened the breakfast by thanking all who came & by giving a little talk about the support from our membership & how thankful we are as a Chamber of Commerce to have the support & dedication from its members. She introduced herself & this led into those present introducing themselves & telling about their business in some way.
Harry Athey from I.T. Dimensions talked about the PCOC website & how it is taking off. Harry is asking for more volunteers to turn in information coming from businesses here in Penrose. They can be e-mailed to the Chamber or call the office or just drop information by the office. It will help build info on the Penrose Chamber website & also get attention for those in business here in Penrose. If these are news articles it will help communication get out. Call Harry Athey at 429-2864 or e-mail Misty Dawn at or call the PCOC office at 372-3994.
Paul Sharp, representing the Colorado Workforce out of Cañon City, talked about the program they are offering for those needing employment. There are 35 jobs at the present time at the Workforce office that are open to those who qualify. This changes on a daily basis & people interested in getting the jobs need to put in for the education & train to be experienced for the work they are wishing to get into. Call the Colorado Workforce office to get more information at 275-7408. Paul announced that he will be retiring soon from his job at the Colorado Workforce. We have appreciated Paul’s efforts for coming out to the breakfast & wish him well on his retirement.
Ann Sterling of the Penrose Community & Senior Center said the Seniors are finishing up gifts. They are planning on helping with gifts for the gift tree at the Penrose School. Ann & Janet Vansyac are attending breakfast representing the Senior Center. They have been members of the Chamber for many years & they always keep us up to date on events they are holding there. If you wish to attend their dinners or activities, please call them at 372-3872.
Debbie Bell, County Commissioner for District #2 in Fremont County, came out to the breakfast. She said she is ready for her new position, which will be working with the other County Commissioners as they go about to plan & keep Fremont County going along. She said she has a lot of work ahead for her just trying to fill Larry Lasha’s shoes. Debbie feels honored to have known Larry. Larry has always worked for the betterment of the County & has always been community spirited.
Charlie Phipps of Rainbow Trail Locksmith introduced himself & talked about his new business. If you need a locksmith, please call him at 719-289-0457.
Larry Lasha, our outgoing County Commissioner, was present & told us he will remain as a member but will be coming in as a business member. He has rental properties & he wants to keep involved in our community. Thank you, Larry Lasha, for all you have done in our county, whether it be related to your dedicated service as a County Commissioner or as a friendly citizen involved in community activities & oh yeah! Have fun fishing!
Nick Carochi, Principal of Penrose Elementary School came out & he said the toy drive they had at the school was very successful. They had 83 toys donated. Linda Freed & Jeanie Melcher plan the activities surrounding the gift & food donations during the Holidays. These two women have done this in addition to their jobs they have at the school. Mr. Carochi also announced that the Pre-School, which has 22 children enrolled, has been moved into the main building for their classes.
Dr. Jim Pickart says they have Cowboy Church at 11 am on Sunday mornings & the Cowboy Church hosts a breakfast.
Bill McGuire, PCOC Executive Director, finished up the sharing part of the breakfast. He thanked all of those who helped with Apple Country Memories. Coyote’s Coffee Den workers, Pete & Rhea Mugasis ( who lets us use the building every year for this event), the Republican women for serving the hot apple cider, Art & Marti Lucero for planning these activities & making all of the calls to get everyone together, Misty Dawn & the Colorado Country Music Assoc. artists for their lovely festive music, & last but not least, Santa. Bill gave information of activities that would be going on in the area. The FEDC Banquet will be held on January 28th at the Shadow Mountain Country Club. The Annual Banquet for the Penrose Chamber of Commerce will be Monday, February 7th, at the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant. Watch for the invitations which usually get mailed out the second week in January. Mark your calendars for these events. The fun just started at the end of the breakfast. Several were winners of the cutest singing animals, candy, & scented candles for door prizes. What a fun morning! See you next month at the breakfast on January 20th at Crossroads Event Center


The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast on November 18, 2010 at the Crossroads Event Center. A BIG THANK YOU goes to the Pickarts for having us at their establishment. They were all set for us on that chilly morning with hot coffee & all! Thank you, also, for those of you who came out. There were around 18 present. Everyone is always welcome to come to our breakfast. The PCOC breakfast coming up will be on December the 16th & it is always a fun time. We have Christmas door prizes at that meeting.  Again, that will be December 16, 2010 at 7 am at Crossroads Event Center.
The PCOC President, Elvira Patterson, opened the breakfast by thanking everyone for their support of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce for the Apple Days & all of the other activities that help along for the good of the Penrose Community & Fremont County. Elvira also lead the group to introduce themselves & talk about their business, if so inclined, & just be supportive to one another as we go about our daily business.
Dave Ackerman, President of the Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust, gave the announcement that he is retiring & hopes to do a lot of fishing, as well as other community activities. We wish him well for his retirement. Dave brought a guest to the breakfast. His name is Reid Pollard. He will be taking Dave’s position at the Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust. He will be moving to Fremont County. We welcome Reid & his family to Fremont County & may all go well in his new position.
Pat & Rose Lindley of E & R Enterprises, were present. Pat spoke briefly about the Amsoil Lubricants that he sells. If you ever need any of his products, call him at 372-6114.
Ann Sterling represented the Penrose Community/Senior Center & announced their Christmas Craft Sale & lunch they will have Nov. 20th between 9 am-2 pm. They will serve lunch for $5. There will be several vendors there. The people from Guffey, Co will be there & will bring a wolf from their sanctuary & will sell t-shirts & other materials. The money they make goes toward the nurturing & education about the wolves.
Harry Athey of I.T. Dimensions encourages everyone to get out to the Brain Food for Breakfast that are put on by the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce. They are the 2nd Thursday of each month & are being held at the Good Tyme Café at 7 am. Harry also gave a report about the Penrose Chamber of Commerce website. He said there had been at least 355 hits recently & several have been from foreign countries. Why not look at the newly improved Penrose Chamber website? If you’re a member you can keep your business up to date yourself on the website. You can change information on a daily basis if you would like. If you would rather the Chamber add the information, give Misty Dawn a call at the Chamber at 372-3994 or call Harry or Luna at 429-2864.
Doug Shane, Executive Director for the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, gave information about the changes at F.E.D.C. There is $6,500 to be given out locally by the tourism board to be used for advertising of activities within the Fremont County area to promote tourism here. Cañon City Chamber of Commerce is having their business members go on the mobile phones to advertise their specials. Call Doug Shane at the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce to find out how at 275-2331. Doug also talked about improvements to the Peabody House (where the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce is located) & reconfiguration of the parking lot to accommodate 3 tour buses from the street side. This is being done through CDOT. The Buckskin Joe buildings will be moved away & the property has become the private property of the people who bought the buildings & land to use for their personal interests. The Buckskin Joe Railroad remains for the present time. Doug was unsure of when it will be moved. The Royal Gorge Company is in charge of the land nearby. They are looking to put in a zip line to go over the Royal Gorge in the near future. Twin Enviro were the movers of the Buckskin Joe buildings & all of the equipment that went with it. All was taken down, put into crates, & taken in big trucks.
Elvira Patterson told about Steve Witcher, President of the Cañon National Bank, who is retiring, also. She said there would be a reception at the bank or if you just wanted to stop by & wish Steve good luck & a great retirement, he would appreciate that. The Cañon National Bank has been long time members of our Chamber of Commerce.
Executive Director of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, Bill McGuire, talked about Apple Country Memories coming up on December 3, 2010. It will be at the Penrose Coyote’s Coffee Den from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm. Be sure to come. There will be a horse-drawn buggy ride, toasted marshmallows, live Christmas music, hot apple cider, food & drink, & of course, SANTA. For more information, call 372-3994 at the Chamber of call Pete at Coyote’s Coffee Den at 372-3012. Coyote’s Coffee Den will be serving hot food from their BBQ grill & your favorite coffee drinks.
All were wished a Very Happy Thanksgiving by Bill & the meeting was closed.
Submitted by Ione McGuire

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The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast in the dining room at the Crossroads Event Center on Oct. 21st. There were 23 guests& members present. A big thank you goes out to the Pickarts for having us come so early to their establishment for breakfast & having the hot coffee ready for us.
Our Executive Director, Bill McGuire, opened with the introductions of each person present & telling a little about themselves or their business.
Kaye Widger, Vice-President of Habitat for Humanity, announced that the Habitat for Humanity store will have winter hours. They will be open Tuesday through Friday from 9-5 and from 9 am-3 pm on Saturday.
Calvin Sunderman, Fire Chief of Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, encouraged everyone to get out & vote. He spoke on how Amendments 60 & 61 & Proposition 101 would affect our local Department & that it would definitely hurt all of their services. The Penrose Volunteer Fire Department is taking a stand against those amendments.
Cyndi Scriven, Superintendent of Schools for RE-2 District, brought signs for citizens & business to display & encouraged all to read their ballots & vote. RE-2 will be voting on a bond to match a grant that the District has received. If this goes through, the District will be able to fund improvements for both Fremont & Penrose Elementary schools.
It was a pleasure to see Verne & Gleta Estes at the breakfast. They haven’t been present for some time. Doug Skains was also present & it was great seeing him. All have been business members in the Penrose Chamber of Commerce for many years & still show community interest in our town & Fremont County.
Ann Sterling & Janet Vansyoc represented the Penrose Community & Senior Center. Ann said they were able to raise $500 for the Seniors over the Apple Day celebration. They are very busy with fall activities. They had the inside of the center painted. A group of high school students came & did the painting. Many kudos to the Florence High school students who did the work. What an example of young & old working together!
Debbie Bell, County Commissioner hopeful, was present. She has been to many activities in the County campaigning & said she is looking forward to election day being over.
Geri Fry, who is running for County Clerk for Fremont County, was present & encouraged everyone to get out & vote.
Nick Carochi, Principal for Penrose Elementary School, gave the announcement for the school that they were having their Halloween Dress-Up Parade & businesses will hand out treats beginning at 2 pm on Friday, Oct. 29th. This was open for the Chamber of Commerce & other businesses to have a table in the auditorium & pass out candy & gifts. Also, Mr. Carochi encouraged everyone to attend the Annual Carnival put on by the school & go to the Haunted House inside of the old Penrose School sponsored by the Penrose Park & Rec.
Harry Athey talked about the work that he & the Penrose Chamber of Commerce website committee have been doing on the website. The committee has been Harry Athey, Pat Lindley, Misty Dawn, Ronald Vansyoc, Bill McGuire, Luna (Harry’s wife), & the Website Committee Chairman, Pete Mugasis. Harry says an average of 12 people a day have been hitting the website for information & some from different countries. Those people are looking at local information, local attractions, demographics, & directory. He also informed everyone that they can get on the Chamber website & advertise their business & let people know about specials they are doing. Each business can maintain their own portion of the website so everything can stay current daily. Please call the Penrose Chamber of Commerce & talk to Misty Dawn at 372-3994 or Harry Athey of I.T. Dimensions at 429-2864 to find out how this can be accomplished. He also told about the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce Business Brainfood for breakfast. This will be Thursday, November 11th, 7:30 am at the Goodtyme Café located at 412 Main Street in Cañon City. Harry will talk about the computer program Office 2010.
Our Executive Director spoke about all of the events that are going on for the rest of October & some for November. He reminded everyone about the Bonfils Blood Drive sponsored by the Penrose Chamber of Commerce. The next one is Friday, Oct. 22nd in the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot from 2:30 until 5:30 pm. Check the calendar on the website to find out when the next one will be. There will also be flyers around town at the Penrose Country Market, Kwik Stop, Penrose Community Library, & the community table located inside the entry of the Wells Fargo Bank.
Ann Sterling also announced Santa will be at the Penrose Community/Senior Center Saturday, November 20th. They will have crafts & food for sale & it gives you a chance to have your picture taken with Santa himself.

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The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast at the Crossroads Event Center on September 16, 2010. We had 17 members & guests present. We want to thank Dr. Jim Pickert & his wife for their hospitality & letting us have our Chamber breakfast there.
Our President, Elvira Patterson, opened up the breakfast by welcoming everyone. She asked everyone to introduce themselves & speak about their business.
Paul Maye was there representing East Fremont Alliance.
Rose Lindley, our Apple Day coordinator, gave the information on all of our royalty who will be riding in our local parades. She also reported when the apples would be in the office to be picked up for making pies for Apple Day.
Pat Lindley spoke about Amsoil products. He sells all of the Amsoil products. For more information, call Pat at 372-6114.
Fremont County Manager, George Sugars, talked about the Amendments 60 & 61 & Proposition 101 & how if they passed, it would affect our county.
Dale & Sherry Johns were at the breakfast. Sherry is currently selling her new book about the Beaver Creek Cemetery. She sold all of the first addition. She reformulated that book & added more pictures. You can purchase her book at the Penrose Community Library for $14.95. It is well worth it.
Paul Sharp talked about the Colorado Workforce Round Table that they offer to employers once a month.
Kay Widger, Vice-President of Habitat for Humanity, said they are still in need of donations of materials & appliances for the new houses they are building for low income families. Kay said they are looking forward to completing their 10th house since they started the Fremont County Chapter. The house will be completed by November 10, 2010.
Sandy & Gary Meyer were present. Sandy talked about the calendar that she is showing for 2011. The proceeds go to help with expenses of the person they represent having breast cancer. The name of the organization is Renee’s Friends.
See you next month,



The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast at the Coyote’s Coffee Den on August 19, 2010. There were 36 members & guests present. Thank you, Rhea & Pete, for making your lovely patio available for the PCOC breakfast. We enjoyed the fellowship & the good coffee.
Our Executive Director & his wife were late that day so the Vice President of the Chamber started the meeting by asking everyone to introduce themselves & talk about their business. We sure appreciate you, Pat.
Fremont School District RE-2 Superintendent, Cyndi Schriven, was there & told us about the 8.4 mill grant that was used to upgrade the Fremont Elementary School. They made a new lunch facility so the children won’t have to cross the street anymore for their lunch break. Penrose School will be getting part of the benefit from this grant to upgrade & bring in better heating. Cyndi explained that RE-2 District would receive the grant if we matched the money through an election for the 8.4 mill levy, which would amount to approx. $1.00 per month for the average household until the construction projects are paid for. Mrs. Schriven is encouraging all who are eligible to vote for this mill levy.
Brandon Hyatt of the Cañon Shopper encouraged people to sign up for ads. The Shopper will offer a special real soon. Call the Cañon Shopper to learn more about this promotion at 269-9732.
Dr. Tom Wendell & his wife were present at the breakfast. He has been renting from Dr. Naugle where his office is now. He plans on building an office real soon. It sounds like they are planning on staying here a long time. Welcome to the community, Dr. & Mrs. Wendell.
Gloria Stultz was at our breakfast. She is running for Democratic State Senate District #2. If she is elected, she will cover a 9 county area. She has enjoyed her experience of running for this position.
Calvin Sunderman, Chief of the Penrose Volunteer Fire Department, will be out & about with the other volunteer fire fighters on Labor Day weekend. They will be collecting money for the MDA, you know, Jerry’s Kids. They will be around the Kwik Stop & several of the local businesses here. They are the ones with the BIG BOOT. If you see them I hope you will donate.
The Fremont County manager was there for the breakfast. He said the retail sales tax they normally get is down 3% to 4 %, but construction use tax is up somewhat for Fremont County.
Kay Widger & Chuck Lake attended the breakfast. They represented Habitat for Humanity. They are looking for donations of building material & appliances to be used on new homes. They encouraged everyone to volunteer time to help build the homes for the low income. This is a great way for low income families to get a start & buy their home. Several homes are being built now.
Rose Lindley, our Apple Day coordinator, announced the Apple Dumpling contest would be held at the Penrose Elementary School on August 21st at 11 am.
Pete said their last 2 Saturday night performers are Wayne Long & his wife, which will be at the Pueblo Nature Center & Chuck Pyle, who will perform at the Penrose Coyote’s Coffee Den.
If you get a chance, log onto the new & improved Penrose Chamber of Commerce’s website located at
The Bonfils Blood Drive will be August 27th at the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot from 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm.
Pete announced the guy with the honey will be at the side of the semi trailer on his place. Someone will be selling roasted chili peppers there, also.
Bill McGuire announced there would be one more flea market on the first Saturday of September.
Submitted by Ione McGuire





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The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast on Thursday, July 15, 2010 at Coyote’s Coffee Den in Penrose. There were 29 members & guests present. We want to thank Pete & Rhea Mugasis for their hospitality & allowing us to meet for our breakfast. We always enjoy having our breakfast meetings there. It is so beautiful that time of day.
The PCOC President, Elvira Patterson, who is also manager of Cañon National Bank in Pueblo West, opened the introduction part of the breakfast. Elvira encouraged everyone to talk about their business. The Chamber encourages everyone who attends the breakfast to tell the other guests & members about themselves or their business.
Debbie Bell, who is running for candidate for Fremont County Commissioner for District #2, came & talked about the turn-out at the “Meet the Candidate Forum” at the Canterbury ranch, which was sponsored by the Fremont County Farm Bureau. Debbie encouraged people to go to the forums so they can learn about the candidates & be better prepared to take their place at the polls when it is time to vote.
Don Lohnes of Cañon City came out for the breakfast & shared that our breakfast is one of his favorite places to go to visit & gather information. Thank you so much, Don. Don also brought a guest. Her name is Judy Visnack.
Janet Vansyac represented the Senior & Community Center for Penrose. She said that are having meals every Tuesday & Thursday. If you would like to have lunch there, make your reservation early so the cook will have enough food prepared. They serve well balanced meals & they have activities for special occasions. Their dinners are fun & informative.
Paul Sharp, representing Colorado Workforce in Cañon City, says they are having jobs available coming in at a slow rate. He encouraged businesses to register with the Workforce if they have job openings. You can call Paul at 275-7408.
Paul Maye spoke about rewriting the master plan for the Penrose community. Paul represents the East Fremont County Alliance. Paul said Penrose is a low density area & not incorporated but needs the best representation possible so that its citizens will be able to see how the county is growing & if they are getting the best service for their tax dollars spent.
Harry Athey of I. T. Dimensions, Inc. talked about the many things that his company does to help the community with their computer needs. He gave some information to go to through the Colorado Workforce to see how to use Microsoft for your business. Also, sometime in August you will be able to go to the I.T. Council & Employers together. Call Harry to find out the exact date at 429-2864.
Bill McGuire, Executive Director for the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, gave the announcement that the nominations for Senior King & Queen, Honored Guests, & Apple Dumpling King & Queen for this year’s Apple Day Royalty. The theme for Apple Day is “Apple Day Diamond Jubilee”.” He spoke briefly about the PCOC’s new website that the website committee has been working on. Check it out! They are still adding information daily. It is going to be well worth the time to have a place for all of our business members to be able to use. The address is Bill thanked everyone who worked on the website committee.

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The Penrose Chamber of Commerce gathered together for their monthly breakfast at the Crossroads Event Center on Thursday, April 15, 2010. There were 24-26 members & guests present.
We especially want to thank Jim & Wanda Pickert for allowing us to meet at their establishment & their employees for their friendliness & setting up the tables ahead of time for us.
Our President, Elvira Patterson, came early so she could talk & have everyone introduce themselves before she went to work. She then turned the rest over to the Executive Director, Bill McGuire.
Kevin Schwinn, owner of Pawn Dough, in Florence & County Commissioner hopeful spoke about his interest in the Eastern part of Fremont County. He talked about some of the duties he expects to keep going should he become County Commissioner for Fremont District #2. Roberta Newton introduced herself & said she is Kevin’s campaign manager. Tom also came to the breakfast. It was great seeing everyone.
Janet Vansyac & Ann Sterling represented the Senior/Community Center here in Penrose. They announced they were beginning their monthly flea market & craft bazaar on April 17th.
Dr. Paul Sarver talked about the chiropractic treatments he practices & how he keeps people in improved health. You can reach him at 719-372-6900.
Chuck Lake, the new manager for Habitat for Humanity, was introduced by Kay Widger. They will be opening their new store next week. Keep your calendars open for June 10th. They will be having after hours sponsored by the Canon City Chamber of Commerce.
Debbie Bell, another of our County Commissioners hopeful, was there & talked about her campaign & how she has always had good feelings for the Penrose community. If elected she hopes to see advances in the commercial part dealing with small business & job security. She also hopes to keep people interested in staying & making Fremont County their home.
Rose Lindley is the Apple Day Coordinator. If you would like to help with Apple Day, call the Penrose Chamber of Commerce office at 372-3994 or her home at 372-6114. Pat Lindley is her husband & he sells Amsoil products. His business is E & R Enterprises.
Kay Ellison, Director of the Colorado Prison Museum, came to the breakfast to talk about a contest & a show to come from the Smithsonian Museum about fences. They will have many art pieces that the Smithsonian will have displayed at the Fremont Center of the Arts. The contest will be advertized around the communities in Fremont County, Custer County, Los Animas County, the Trinidad area, & some other counties within the state. This will be open to the public, the prison system as well for the inmates to express themselves through art, poetry, & essays. This art work/poetry/essays/photos contest will give the individual a chance to tell others how they feel about fences by the expression of feelings as seen in a picture or said in words, such as poetry or essay. They will be judged & put on display. The winning works will be recognized by awarding prizes & through the local media.
Sally Makle, representing the Canon Shopper, introduced herself & showed the example of what the Penrose page would look like.
Larry Lasha, Fremont County Commissioner District 2, said the Fremont County Commissioners are looking at the medical marijuana regulations language issues & they are applying for temporary use right now.
Ron Vansyac, from VIP Storage, spoke about the recent town hall meeting put on by Kate Hatten at the Canon City Council Building. Kate represents the US Army & Ft. Carson. She talked & explained with graphs & pictures of how the growth of population becomes bigger & smaller & will affect the Pikes Peak region & surrounding regions. There was another town hall meeting on April 16th at the Double Tree Hotel, near the World Arena in Colorado Springs, held to explain to the people of Colorado Springs about the growth.

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February 18, 2010 

Submitted by Ione McGuire


The Penrose Chamber of Commerce met for breakfast at the Crossroads Event Center on February 18, 2010. We were made to feel very welcome by everyone there with smiling faces & plenty of hot coffee. There were 28 guests present.

Rob Harper told about the Cañon City Home Show, which will be at the Holy Cross Abbey on March 4th & 5th. This isa good time to get out & see the new things to improve your home & garden & just have a fun day.

Ron Hinkle represented Starpoint & also brought Debbie Bell as a guest. Debbie talked about her love for Penrose & how she grew up here. Debbie is running for County Commissioner for District #2.

Judy Brightwell, Principal of Penrose Elementary School, informed us the students will begin their C-Sap testing right away. The testing will run through March. The 3rd Grade classes will begin their testing first. Judy wanted everyone to know how much the school appreciates their support. There will be a classic book fair the first week of March on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. If anyone would like to come in & shop they are welcome. Books are always a nice gift for birthdays, etc. The school still has weekly BINGO. There are many ways to help support the Penrose School.

Ann Sterling, representative of the local AARP & the Community/Senior Center, said they are in the process of buying the Senior Center building. They are planning many activities. They may be working on plans to get a grant. They hope to change their days for meals to 5 days a week instead of 2. They know for sure the Wednesday lunch will happen. They will charge $3 for lunch. This is open to all people. The Seniors get a price break on Tuesday & Thursday. Be sure to call ahead if you plan to go there for a meal. Their number is 372-3872.

Tom Piltingsrud who is running for County Commissioner for District #2, was at the breakfast & expressed several of his ideas to help the county out if he is elected.

Kay Widger, representing Habitat for Humanity Restore, said Chuck Lake is their new manager. He may give a talk at our next breakfast. They now have their permits to go ahead with any building changes, etc. they need. They are planning on opening around April 1, 2010. The Habitat for Humanity Restore is a good place to buy supplies for your home at discount prices.

Executive Director of the Chamber Connection, Doug Shane, said if you have any questions on environmental concerns, they are working with Ocea to get information.

Paul Maye, from the Fremont County Alliance, said they are working hard to explore the possibilities of improvements to the whole Penrose community. They make sure all of the citizens are represented well throughout any county government plans. 

Dr. Paul Sarver not only gives chiropractic treatments, he also sells organic supplies to help people heal . If you would like to know more about the products, call Dr. Paul at 372-3253.

Harry Athey said those who attend the I.T. Seminar receive software for their computer free. If anyone has volunteer time to send in or call in & he will put in info. for the Recreational & other activities onto our Chamber of Commerce website. This information will be open to churches, clubs, etc. & is a good way to get your groups known.

Paul Sharp of the Colorado Work Force said there is an opportunity to hire people for 14 weeks.

Clar Shipman thanked the PCOC for recognizing her as Citizen of the Year & presenting her with an award at our Annual Banquet. She also received an award from Colorado State presented to her by Ed Norden, Fremont County Commissioner.

Bill introduced our new president, Elvira Patterson. He also talked about the banner we are displaying inside our Chamber of Commerce office. It was presented as Penrose Chamber of Commerce being selected as the business of the month from Cañon City Chamber of Commerce. Elvira thanked everyone for giving her the opportunity to be president of the Penrose Chamber & hopes to do a good job. We at the Chamber knows she will.  

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The PCOC met at Michelle’s Restaurant on December 17th, 2009. There were 22 guests & members present. Thank you to Michelle for having us.
Penrose Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Bill McGuire, began the meeting by asking everyone to introduce themselves & talk about their business.
Paul Maye, representing the East Fremont County Alliance, spoke about a meeting they will be holding at the Wells Fargo Bank community room on Saturday, December 19,2009. He asked for everyone to attend the meeting since they will be speaking about issues that will affect the Penrose area.
Rob Harper, from the Cañon Shopper, spoke about their website & specials that the Shopper will be having for businesses to advertise. He also said in March there would be a home show at the Abbey so keep an eye out for that.
Paul Shary from the Colorado Workforce wished everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
Wendell Hall brought samples of his daughters’ cleaning supplies. If you would like more information about the products they sell, call ABL Development at 784-2206.
Judy Brightwell, principal ofPenrose Elementary School, wanted to thank the Penrose Chamber of Commerce for always supporting the school activities. It’s good to be in partnership with education & encourage the children as they grow along the way.
The festivities of the day were enjoyed by all. Misty Dawn & Rose Lindley purchased the Christmas critters & boxes of candy to be given away for door prizes. They were won by several folks, including Mike, our waiter. He won the penguin on the sled. This was a fun morning enjoyed by all who were brave enough to come out in the cold.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of the board members & families of the Penrose Chamber of Commerce.

Submitted by Ione McGuire

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