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 This year Apple Day is on Saturday October 4, 2014!

Penrose, Colorado is called the Gateway to Fremont County.  For over 75 years, the people of this hospitable community have proudly been welcoming tourists and locals alike to its annual Apple Day celebration.  This event always takes place the first weekend in October and is greatly anticipated by all those who have attended in years past.

 Long before Benjamin Franklin penned the phrase, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” people have been enjoying and loving apples.  They come in many varieties and colors, and are healthy, crunchy, sweet or tart, and economical.


This celebration commemorating Penrose’s apple crop lasts all day.  Start out with breakfast in the park put on by the Volunteer Fire Department!  The V.F.W. always has delicious fare, as does the Penrose Senior Citizen's Club and some of the local churches.  There are so many events going on, that it is hard to list them all: a softball tournament; a fun run on the Penrose School health trail; plus lots of vendors selling crafts, art, and lots of good things to eat.

The Colorado Country Music Association will be providing music by a variety of artists, plus there will be a Parade floats decorated by the Penrose School children, an Apple Day Queen, and Apple Day Dumplings, a silent auction, happenings at the Librarty, an antique car show, and dancing.  The list goes on from here.


Imagine yourself in a Norman Rockwell sort of picture perfect country setting.  Surround yourself with family and loved ones, and join the people of Penrose on Saturday, October 4nd.  This commemorative 79th “ Apple Day is sponsored by the Penrose Chamber of Commerce, and everyone involved works hard in hopes that you will come out and experience this simple country pleasure with them.

Of course there will plenty of apple delicacies, and that traditional free piece of apple pie!


It all began at a PTA meeting in the fall of 1935. Penrose School was to host the Rural Invitational Softball Tournament. Being a warm and hospitable community, the PTA members were wondering how to entertain the many visitors who would come to play in the tournament and watch the game. 

R.A. Peterson, Superintendent of schools, suggested that since Penrose was famous for it’s flavorful apples, it would be appropriate to center the day’s activities around apples and to give them for prizes. Mrs. Todd, VP of the PTA suggested, "Why don’t we give them a free piece of apple pie." And so a tradition was started.
On September 27th, 1935, the Penrose Press reported that Beaver Park was preparing for one of the biggest events held in years. The first Apple Day was scheduled for October 5th with 15 softball teams competing for the Championship of the Fremont County School League. Ace horseshoe pitchers matched skills in the ancient and honored game of "Barnyard Golf". There were also speeches on political and economic subjects.
After the morning activities, a potluck picnic dinner was served, and topped off with apple pie and cider. The Prison Orchestra, under the direction of E.A. Stone, a Penrose resident, provided music for the evening dance under the sponsorship of the PTA.
Chairman of the various committees in 1935 were: Charles E. White (Reception), Robert Peterson (Softball), John E. Wright (Apple Prizes), Albert Niehans (Apple Cider), Mrs. W.C. Todd (Apple Pie), L.A. Pruit (Horseshoes), and J.L. Howland (Park).
The first Penrose Apple Day was a huge success.

The above information was written by May Gillespie, deceased wife of Otis Gillespie, a long time resident of Penrose. It appeared in the Penrose Choice many years ago.
The Penrose Chamber of Commerce took over the reins of Apple Day in 1999 and is held the first Saturday in October.

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